Convert Pdf to multiple file types in high quality

Convert Pdf to multiple file types in high quality

hey guys I use this all the time and
thought it would be helpful for you to
use all so I am going to put this on
YouTube so I feel like I should mention
that this video was originally created
for my fellow music teachers on teachers
pay teachers to kind of help make life a
little bit more easy when using your Mac

but this is really just for anybody who
wants to quickly render PDFs as images
so if you’ve never used Automator before
it should come on your Mac already and
you can find it just by going to your
spotlight which we’ll do in a second but
what I use it for is just to render my
PDFs as images usually JPEGs so I can
give my customers another file extension
to use and without losing a lot of the
quality a lot of times when you export
from pages or keynote or even Word or
PowerPoint you can lose a lot of your
quality of your images by exporting to
JPEG and that’s not something that we
want so just to kind of save time I put

everything in one location on my desktop
these are all of the files I’m going to
change in one motion so you can do many
files at once I’m going to show you how
to do that and I’m going to end up
moving them to this folder it’s empty at
the moment and so we’ll go ahead and get

started I don’t know if you can see this
but some of these items have more than
one page to them so that one had three
this one has 14 I think this one has one
but I’m going to make sure to change all
of them in one motion so I’m going to go
up here in search Automator and I
already have one saved here as two JPEGs

that’s what I use it’s a template that I
use so it’s very quick but for the sake
of showing you how to set up your own
new document we’re going to go ahead and
start from scratch it’s a new document I
think you can use either workflow or
application I’ve seen both used in

tutorials but I’m going to use workflow
exporting and doing all sorts of things
in Automator as possible I don’t even
know what half of this stuff is but I
use Automator for
or just that one purpose really of
moving my PDFs into a JPEG quality
that’s still really nice so I’m going to

show you how to sift through all this
stuff and do what you need to do so the
first thing you need to do is get your
specified PDF images so I think it’s the

finder items actually so we’re going to
take what we want I got the get
specified finder items and I’m going to
drag and drop the next thing I’m going
to do is render the images so I want to
render the PDF pages as images drag and

drop under this specified then the last
step is to move the finder items drag
and drop the RGB color model is probably
good for the format again I’m going to
stay with JPEG but you can do all sorts
of different things here I’m going to
leave it at JPEG and you can also change
the resolution 300 is always really nice
and you can always make sure that you
can change the quality as well so it’s
not compressed in a horrible way next
you just kind of drag and drop so I’m
going to take all of the PDF items that
I want to use going to drag them over
into the specified finder items then
what I’m going to do is we’re going to
move them you can leave them to the

desktop but I think it’s really cool
that you can actually just show it where
you want them to go and you can do other
but that’s a pain in the butt and Apple
makes things really easy so you can just

drag your folder that you want in there
and it’ll show you exactly where it’ll
show it where exactly where you want the
images to go and then you hit run it
takes a little while here but it’ll show
that it’s doing this and eventually
it’ll say workflow completed so like I
said Automator has several purposes when
when using your Mac I can’t even go on

to explain what all of those things are
I just found out about this when I was
trying to find a quick and easy way to
convert all my PDFs to images and one
motion obviously the more pages you have
the longer the work flow is going to

take but it really still shouldn’t take
that long in general so I think that I
had maybe like 25 pages total I’m not
sure so we’ll just wait here a second
it’s completed it took less than a
minute to do that so I’m going to go to
my Bing and JPEGs look in my file and
they’re all there so I can see them they
look pretty good in preview form let’s
go ahead and open them and so they’re
smaller but you can still see the nice
quality there everything looks really
crisp and clear even when i zoom in on
it and that’s really how you use it
that’s how you use Automator to render
PDF files as images

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