create Grid in Microsoft Word

create Grid in Microsoft Word

all right I’m going to show you how to
draw grid lines if you look at the top
of your screen you’ll see the little
drawing toolbar if you click on that it

will show you at the bottom of your
screen a drawing toolbar I’m going to
drag it up here to the top so that you
can see nicely what I’m doing the first

thing that I want to do is to display a
grid make sure that snap objects do grid
is sticked and snap objects to other
objects my grid settings
I want quite big blocks so I’m going to

make it 1 and 1 square blocks you can
set this any way you like display grid
lines on screen I’m going to tick that
and I click on OK now I’ve got nice
square blocks over here but I don’t want

such a big grid and I’m just going to do
a little one so that you can get the
idea say for instance I want there and

very important at the moment it’s a
solid block I don’t want a solid block I
want it to be transparent so I click on

my little tool icon in my drawing
toolbar that says no fall and now I can
see straight to it okay and now I’m just
going to keep on doing blocks
horizontally and vertically
I don’t have to worry too much because
it’s going to to hook onto my corners in
any case and remember to make each one
of them transparent click on the
rectangle come on click on make sure

that it’s lit up and draw your block
right make it transparent and over here
I can actually draw a line if I want to
but I’m just going to draw a block again
make it transparent I can also set my

transparency as default now I’m going to
do my horizontal lines so over here
there we go make it transparent over
here that one there and make it
transparent and draw over here and make

a transparent there we go
and I can now go and switch off my grid
grid tone display on screen okay come on
okay there we go if I click on it
there’s my little grid I can now go and
group them all together so that they
don’t go out of shape so go back to your
little drawing toolbar
Oh first thing you have to do is to
choose there’s a little error right next

to draw and I’m just going to drag a box
around everything over there now my all
my lines and blocks are lit up and if I
now go to draw and click on group I’ll

see that I’ll have one block that I
can drag wherever I feel like it

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