earn money by sharing

earn money by sharing

How to earn money by shorte.st in Hindi/ Urdu


hello friends today I will show you in

this video how to earn money by short

dot HD it’s very easy

firstly you may type in Google browser

short note Astin

so today I already have the account so I

will not sign up so firstly you go and

make your Shana this is the first page

of the shortlist and shortlist will give

you $1 in 10,000 we look

so this is my ironing because I am

working on the YouTube channel so I am

not paying attention to this one but it

is very cool so here you can see

that on a $5 for PayPal and web money

only if you are earning have reached a

total of $5 or more for the previous


and if you want to withdraw by pannier

so you have to meet $20 okay so very

easy yet your post

copy of any post-movie a song and put

here make the short term it will work

for you and share anywhere thanks

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