fix justify text issue in MS Word

fix justify text issue in MS Word

fix justify text issue in MS Word

hey guys welcome back again in My website Tech Pro Advice

I’m Mark in this video I’ll show you how to fix justify text issue in MS Word

Friends this error will happen when you copy something from the internet website or PDF

so in this short post and video, we will learn how to fix text won’t justify in word.

when you going to try any word to justify and  clicking on justify tab but it is not working

so how do fix this problem

so the easy thing is for fix it

firstly select this paragraph one paragraph or two paragraph as your choice.

then select the text and then click on the home tab then go to find future

and then click on advanced find

here just you need to type cap upper gap I don’t know where exactly call this option the option is available on six number six in keyboard just hold the shift key and first this one so this symbol will appear and then plus P step P okay

so this symbol I and P and now keep your cursor here replace with box keeps your cursor and simply click on replies all and now click on no and close this and now try to justify and boom -it is very good at now it is easily justified okay

yeah if you want to do dodo this to other matter just select is simple thing okay and do the same like home and advanced find goto replay and tap this upper cap and be keep the cursor here view plus width box and then replace all and then click on you have to click on now if you want you can continue

fix justify text issue in MS Word

so here you say we made the replacement in your selection do you want to search the rest of the documents right now I don’t want so that I am going to click on no I now close this now you can easily justify your check you can use a shortcut key like ctrl Jor justify it’s very simple I hope this video helped you thanks for watching scenic video please like share and don’t forget to subscribe please subscribe to my channel

fix justify text/paragraph issue in MS Word






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