Free Question answer script list

Free Question answer script list



When it comes to running community-driven websites, forums come to mind first as they have been a single solution for running discussion-oriented websites for a long time. However, with the sudden surge in popularity of question-answer websites like Yahoo Answers, StackOverflow, Blurtit, etc., budding webmasters are leaving the idea of running a forum and are looking forward to running their own QA websites.

Question and answer websites perform better than forum websites because they are more direct, provoking incoming users to ask questions and find their answers more directly than going through the painful procedure of joining a forum. They look better than forums, and there are more chances that a user will post a question.

Apart from dedicating a whole website to a Q&A section, you can also integrate your existing website or blog with a Q&A website. The advantage is that your readers will leave related questions on your blog, and even unanswered ones will drive search traffic. Sometimes, unanswered questions drive more traffic than answered ones. That’s why AmitBhawani and have started their question and answer portals.

Here are the top 4 free question and answer scripts:

  1. Question2answer

Question2answer script is a 100% free open-source script written in PHP MySQL with a Digg-like voting system.

  1. Shapado

Shapado is written in Ruby and is a clone script of StackOverflow.

  1. QSQA

Qsqa is an open-source script for a community question-answer website and is written in Python.

  1. AskBot

AskBot is written in Python and works the same as StackOverflow.

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