Freelancer and YouTuber

Freelancer and YouTuber

Hello sir,

I am Make From India a freelancer and YouTuber

My youtube Channel is Tech Pro Advice and My website Is

A lot of people are from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh I mean from Asia country. you can summarize that a half word is from Asia but unfortunately most of them about 80% people did not understand the English Language as You know.

they try to understand your video, think and tutorials but not succeed so they have to leave to join with you. and at the list, you lost a large audience.

if you hire me for transcribing your Youtube Video or you want to share your website post to other languages. So I have a useful strategy for driving traffic to youtube channel and website by transcribing.

so million and million people will be able to understand your works. your ideas and tutorials and you can drive a large amount of traffic to your youtube channel or website.

I am able to provide you accurate transcripts in Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Arabic, Kacchi, Sindhi, Farsi, and Tamil only for $2 per video and let me help you reach your business/project goals with the help of my transcription services.

I have simple packages if you want to transcript a video into 10 languages. and yo order me 100 videos so it will cost only 5$ per video with huge discount.


1 Video  5 Minutes 1 Language 5$
1 Video 10 Minutes 1 Language 10$
1 Video 15 1 Language 15 $



 5 Minutes 1 Language 20$
5 Video 10 Minutes 1 Language 30$
5 Video 15 1 Language 55 $



1 Video  5 Minutes 10 Language 15$
1 Video 10 Minutes 10 Language 30$
1 Video 15 10 Language 65 $



10 Video  5 Minutes 10 Language 55$
10 Video 10 Minutes 10 Language 70$
101 Video 15 10 Language 85 $

if you have interest so please contact me by Gmail


freelancer and YouTuber










freelancer and YouTuber

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