Google Chrome 0xc0000005 Error – Solved

Google Chrome 0xc0000005 Error – Solved


Error 0xc00000a5 messages can happen on Google Chrome while installing the software or while the browser opens. When this happens, the browser is unable to open any pages. These are the following symptoms of error 0xc00000a5:

Error 0xc00000a5 comes up and crashes the active browser window
Your PC routinely crashes with Error 0xc00000a5 when launching the browser
Chrome Error 0xc00000a5 is always displayed
Google Chrome fails to initialize
Your PC becomes sluggish and responds slowly to keyboard or mouse input.
Windows periodically stops for a few seconds at a time
There are various causes of Error 0xc00000a5 in Google Chrome. The most notable causes of this condition are:

Another application deliberately or accidentally erased Google Chrome files
Malware has corrupted Chrome-related files
Corrupt or incomplete installation of Google Chrome software
Corrupt Windows registry from a recent change (install, update or uninstall) (install, update or uninstall) Google Chrome software

Runtime issues like this can be caused by numerous variables, hence it is crucial that you apply the correct way to troubleshoot each of the likely causes to prevent it from reoccurring. In this instruction, I presume you’re using Windows 8 or newer.

PRO TIP: If the issue is with your PC or a laptop/notebook you should try running Restoro Repair which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most circumstances, where the issue is created due to system corruption. You can get Restoro by Clicking Here

Method 1: Adding No Sandbox Flag
Right click on the Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop
Click on Properties
At the conclusion of the Target box, append –no-sandbox to the text command in that field
Click on Apply and then OK.

Method 2: Reinstall Google Chrome
Open the Programs and Features application by pressing Windows Key + X and then selecting Programs and Features or Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
Click on Google Chrome and then click Uninstall.
Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the removal of Google Chrome from your machine.
Visit here and obtain the latest version of Google Chrome.
Run the installer from the download location and follow the prompts to complete the installation.
Method 3: Disabling Compatibility Mode
If you are on Windows 7 and above, you need to verify if compatibility mode is activated and then disable it.

Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut and open Properties
Click on the Compatibility Tab
Uncheck the box under Compatibility mode if it’s active.
Changing the compatibility mode to Windows 7 can also solve the problem.

TIP: If none of the Methods have remedied the issue for you, we recommend utilizing Restoro Repair Tool which can check the repositories to replace corrupt and missing data. This works in most circumstances, where the issue is created due to system corruption. Restoro will also optimize your system for maximum performance.

today this way we’ll learn how to fix Google Chrome error 0 ax C triple 0 double 0 5 so let’s start firstly go to start and such chrome now right click on Google Chrome application now click on open file location’ now go to google chrome and rightly click on copy and paste in here now again right-click on Google Chrome shortcut and click on properties in the target make space and type no sandbox click on apply then ok now restart your PC and try to open I hope by this easy and simple method this error will be fixed thanks for watching this video please subscribe to this channel


How do I fix error code 0xc0000005?
Application unable to start
  1. Check RAM. Turn off the system and replace the RAM with other RAM. …
  2. Fix Registry. …
  3. Run SFC. …
  4. Turn off DEP. …
  5. Run CHKDSK Utility. …
  6. Use Hardware Troubleshooter. …
  7. Update Disk Drivers or Re-install them. …
  8. Restore System or Use a Data Recovery Tool.

To fix error 0xc0000005 on Chrome, scan Chrome for malware or turn off the Compatibility mode. If that doesn’t help, you might have to reinstall Chrome. … To fix a Chrome shortcut on your desktop, simply recreate it. Open Start Menu, locate Chrome, and drag and drop it to your Desktop.


How do I fix errors on Chrome?
First: Try these common Chrome crash fixes
  1. Close other tabs, extensions, and apps. …
  2. Restart Chrome. …
  3. Restart your computer. …
  4. Check for malware. …
  5. Open the page in another browser. …
  6. Fix network issues and report website problems. …
  7. Fix problem apps (Windows computers only) …
  8. Check to see if Chrome is already open.


How do I fix Chrome installation error?
Fix problems installing Chrome
  1. Make sure your internet connection is working normally. …
  2. Check if your device meets the system requirements.
  3. Download the installation file again from …
  4. If the installation still isn’t working, use an offline installer:


How do I get rid of Chrome not secure?
Open Chrome, type chrome://flags in the address bar, then press “Enter“.
  1. Type the word “secure” in the search box at the top to make it easier to find the setting we need.
  2. Scroll down to the “Mark non-secure origins as non-secure” setting and change it to “Disabled” to turn off the “Not Secure” warnings.


What are the best Chrome flags?
Top 10 Chrome Flags That You Should Enable
  • Autofill Predictions. Autofill predictions, as the name suggests, is an Autofill Chrome Flag. …
  • Force Dark Mode for Web Contents. …
  • Copy Link to Text. …
  • Parallel Downloading. …
  • Autofill of UPI/VPA Values. …
  • Heavy Ad Intervention. …
  • Pull-to-refresh gesture. …
  • Native File System API.

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