How to Access graphics options in windows 10

How to Access graphics options in windows 10

hello everyone you’re welcome to this
channel today in this video I wanna to
show you how to access graphics options
in of window Chang so friends for access

graphic options click anywhere on – top
right button of your mouse and here you
will find graphics options and in graphic
options you will get hotkeys tray icon
panel feet resolution rotation balloon

notifications and profile and in profile
brighten video darken video enhance
video colors so this simple method you
can access graphics options and easily

you can use graphics options for animal
rd7 hotkeys Tricon disable enable
panel feed you can scale fullscreen
central image and maintain aspect ratio

origination you can select as your
required resolution for your window
desktop simple click on this one so
friends I hope you liked this video and

you know how to access easily and
quickly graphics options if you liked
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