How to Add Push Notification to Your Website For Free

How to Add Push Notification to Your Website For Free

How to Add Push Notification to Your Website For Free

today in this video we will learn how to free
add push notification on the website
so firstly open any browser pane type in
the search bar one signal push
notification so now click on the first side
in a search result on offense is the

very simple easy and free method you can
add so as you can see I already add my
some sites so you need to make you
the account in one signal by your Gmail and
password and after it, you log in this
one so you will see this interface so
after making the account and login click

on add new app give your app name so
type here your website name
and click on create now select one
platform to configure so there is a some
platform Windows Phone Amazon fire apple
iOS and you can add all the platform so
firstly we will add web push so it
include Google Chrome and Safari and
also, include Firefox so select this one
and click on gnashed now choose
integration if you have the typical side
mean you have you develop your
site by on your cord a website builder
like WordPress and another one and also
you can use this push notification for

the custom code we will select WordPress if
you have your website builder
WordPress blogger or another one so you
can see the select your website builder
there is the Joomla blogger and Shopify
fix we will select your WordPress now we
will in a second each tab WordPress site
setup so give the name your site
enter your site URL open in new to

window your site and copy URL from the
now paste here
and if your site has the HDP s so toggle
in the off position and if your site has
an auto HTTP so click here and click on
the cell now open your website in WordPress
and go to dashboard now go to plugins
and click on add new and search here one
signal install the first one on signal free
web push notification now click on
activate now go to your dashboard and
you will see new feature one signal push
click this one now you will see one

notice your setup is not complete, please
follow the setup guide to set up the web
push to notification both the app ID and
rest API key fills are required quite so
simple click on configuration and if you
have your site with HTTPS like this
so cover into one position and here
you’re 36 characters alphanumeric app ID
you can find this
in-app settings now here you enter your
app ID so go to one signal and yet it
the Europe ID copy and paste here go
here and app key copy go one signal and
pressed and after that, you need to
Safari web ID so for Safari web ID go

about signal and after you click on
finish because we will add the Safari ID
separately so you can see Google Chrome
and Mozilla Firefox reactive now we will
activate Apple Safari so click here and
a simple patched your site URL and click
on so you enter your only site URL so

now you can see Apple Safari is active
click here again so you will find your web ID copy this one
and go to WordPress and enter Safari web
ID and here turn on send notification
additionally to iOS and Android platform
so toggling to on position and here is
a lot of custom idea asana and
everything has benefit for your website
so read and as a requirement, you can set
but it’s not necessary only for option
like this subscription Bell tax

customization so you can customize and
you can position and size customize like
this large small so in default is the
middle so you’re setting is the finish
click on the cell and you successfully add
your site one signal push notification
now reload your side so now we can see a
pop-up will open and hear a bell icon
for subscribing notification so

friends after successful setup you
will see this interface for getting the
analytics for your side click this one
so here you can see total users monthly
and daily also hourly and all the other
data on one signal has the one another
feature and very nice and free feature
this is the push to
jeez so you can send your users a
message from here click this one and
click on new push here select your
audience sent to everyone sent to
particular segments or sent to test
devices here you type your message title
and here you will see how your message
will be up here web Android and web
the window here is another option sent
to Google Chrome here is the icon and
you can also icon another one which you

want simple click on upload and you can
set image here you will see how your
notification and message will be appear
so this is the width icon and this way
this is with image and this is the width
batch and also you can add additional
data here is the launch URL and you can
make the schedule for your push messages
so everything is the nice and free and

after customizing your message click on
confirm and click on send the message so you
can see I am a subscriber to my website
I got this message directly and here is
the real-time message data
so friend buy this is the method you can
add push notification on your website
and it’s completely free I hope this
the video will be useful for you thanks for
watching this video









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