How To Block software/Program in Firewall | Block or Allow Accessing Internet

How To Block software/Program in Firewall | Block or Allow

Accessing Internet

in this Post, I gonna to show you how to block any software or program in
firewall Windows 10

so first thing you need to do click on Start menu and type in the search box
control panel now control panel will appear on the top side

select control panel
now select Windows Defender Firewall

now click on advanced settings

now here click on inbound rules and select new the rule


there are the five steps for blocking any program or software

so first thing select program and click on
next, select the location for that file
there is the easy way if you have the
shortcut for that program so simply open it

for the example, we will block Google Chrome web

browser so click right button of your
mouse and got your properties in the
target location make the copy and paste here
and if you don’t have the shortcut for that program so
you can use so you can browse that file
cut this extra thing now click on next

and select block the connection so here
you can block and allow the connection
we will select block the connection and
check this three box and go to next
now give the name and description for
this program so this is the chrome
Chrome and click on the finish I now click
on outbound rules and a similar new rule
the program next and patched for that
address and click on next block the
connection gnashed check these three boxes
gnashed type the name and finish so now

we will test what happening for our
Google Chrome now type any file so you
can see your internet access is blocked
firewall or antivirus software may have
blocked the correction and if you want
to under this setting and you want to
allow accessing the Internet
so both their advanced settings and
click on inbound rules and find you

the program this is in the chrome and select
delayed outbound rules like this and
this is the chrome and delayed now you
will able to access the Internet
so by this method, you can block any
software any program or any file on your
computer to accessing Internet I hope
this video will be useful for you thanks
for watching this video


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