How To Change Gmail Password on Android Mobile

Change Gmail Password on Android Mobile

Hello, in this video I’m gonna to show you how you can Change Gmail Password on Android Mobile 

you have to go to my account and then log into that so this is the only place
where you can change your Google account
which applies to all the products like Gmail or YouTube or Google Maps so here
if you click on this sign in into Google you can see that password make sure
purchases strong password and

there you can find that setting password just click on that and then it will ask you
for the current password and then you type it

it will take it to the new screen and then from there you can change the password for your Google
account and thereby it will check the password for your Gmail

as well once you change the password what you have to do is that is the first step

next step is like you have to sync the Google account so for syncing,

you can go here and then turn the syncing on or you can also go to google settings by clicking on that
Settings button

and then going to Google click on that Google and then you can
see the account so here you can you can see that this account is getting synced

so if he’s changed the password for that the account that password will be synced in your Android phone so you might need to enter the password once again just for the single purpose

this is how you can change the password in half Gmail in Android phone you cannot directly go to
the Gmail app in Android phone and then
change the password there is no way you
can choose a password from here you have
to go to my account or Google that can change the password for Gmail or any other Google product if you liked this a video you can just um so thank you





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