How to change printer name in windows 11

How to change printer name in windows 11


ent section of this blog about changing the display name of printer in windows 10. I am giving you steps to change printer name in windows 10 as per your wish. Normally, default name of printers tends to confuse users and users want to rename it to a more easy to recognize name. Renaming a printer is very easy, just follow screenshots below to do that.

Change printer name in windows 10 Using Settings
Step 1 – Press Windows Key + I together to Open settings.

Step 2 – Now, Choose Devices.





Step 3 – Choose Printers & Scanners from the left Menu.


Printers Scanners Settings Windows 10


Step 4 – Click On your Printer to expand it.

Step 5 – Click on Manage.




Step 6 – Click On Printer Properties.


Printer Properties


Step 7 – Change the Name of your Printer.

Step 8 – Click on Change Properties.



Step 9 – Write Down new name of Printer here.




Step 10 – Press Ok.


How to change printer name in windows 10 Using Control Panel
Step 1 – Press windows key + x to open menu in the left screen of your windows 10 pc.

Step 2 – Now, click on control panel to open it.




Step 3 – Click on view devices and printers under hardware & sound section.




Step 4 – Now, right click on the printer which you want to rename and click on printer properties.




Step 5 – This opens a window, where your printer name is visible in an input field. But, wait, you can not edit it. Click on change properties as shown in screenshot below.





Step 6 – Now, in the upcoming window, erase the old name and write new name of the printer as shown by arrow in the given picture.



You just renamed the printer.

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