How to Check Duplicate Content on Your Site

How to Check Duplicate Content on Your Site

Hi, in this post we learn how to How to Check Duplicate Content on Your Site.

if you want to rank your site on google first page so you need Unique Content and you should avoid Duplicate Content. on the internet a lot of sites providing Duplicate Content checker free tool. one of them is siteliener website. it checks 250 pages in just a few seconds and also provides some important information about your site.

first of all, open your favorite I will open google chrome

now type in search bar siteliener and hit enter

now just type your website URL or past

wait for a while till the scan Prosser will be completed

in a free account, you can check up to 250 pages.

 and also you can Find duplicate content, broken links, and more… 

Average Page Size, Number of Words per Page, Text to HTML Ratio, Common Content, Internal Links per Page, External Links per Page, Total Links per Page, Inbound Links per Page

if you like so watch a video about checking duplicate content

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