how to check your Aadhaar Card is valid or not Online

how to check your Aadhaar Card is valid or not Online


How can you check the validity of your Aadhar Card?
The Aadhaar card is now required for practically all financial activities. That is why the card’s validity should be examined to ensure that it will be useful when needed.

Aadhaar Card is a unique identifying evidence for all Indian citizens. It is provided at no cost. The Aadhaar card is issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). It contains all of an individual’s demographic and biometric information. The UIDAI generates a 12-digit number that is used to validate your identity. The Aadhaar card is one of the most significant documents for proving your identity, address, and age. Furthermore, when you link the card to your bank account and other financial goods, you receive a variety of perks.

What is the Aadhaar card’s validity period?
The Aadhaar card is valid for life and does not expire till you die. The card is only granted once, and it is valid for the duration of an adult’s life.

However, there is a validity period in the case of minor children. A blue Aadhaar card is distributed to children under the age of five. This card is good until the child reaches the age of five, at which point the card should be updated with the child’s current information. However, the government has recently canceled numerous Aadhaar cards due to authenticity issues. Many people had many cards in their names, therefore many cards were deactivated. If you are unsure whether your card is valid, you should check the validity of your Aadhaar card. Here’s how you can go about it:

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How can you check the validity of your Aadhaar card?
The UIDAI has a simple way for checking the authenticity of your Aadhaar card. The steps to check the validity of your Aadhar card are as follows:

Visit UIDAI’s official website.
On the webpage, navigate to the Aadhaar services option.
The option “Verify Aadhar number” is located on the right side of the homepage.
Then click “Verify Aadhar number” to be sent to a different page.
Now, in the box, input your 12-digit unique identifying Aadhar number.
Please enter your security code.
Now, click the Verify button.
If your Aadhaar number is valid, a message will be displayed indicating the status of Aadhaar number confirmation. If the Aadhaar number is deactivated, a green mark appears indicating that the number does not exist.
The significance of Aadhaar card verification
Aadhaar card verification is required to confirm the card’s authenticity. It also aids in determining whether or not the card has been issued. UIDAI’s official website is used to update an individual’s information. Individual demographic information such as name, gender, date of birth, and state of residence is provided on the website. Biometric elements such as fingerprints, photos, and iris scan information are also available. If any information is incorrect, you can update it by contacting UIDAI online or the Permanent Enrolment Centre.

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How can you tell if your Aadhaar Card has been deactivated?
Visit UIDAI’s official website.
Then, in the bottom left of the website, click on the “Verify Aadhar Number” option under “Aadhar services.”
Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number as well as the security code to verify your card.
Now, click the “Verify” button to see if your card is active or inactive.
If your Aadhaar card is operational, you will see the message “Aadhar Verification Completed.”
A green signal will display if your Aadhaar card is canceled.
The Advantages of Aadhaar Card Verification
Here are some of the advantages of Aadhaar card verification.

You can get several subsidies on the financial services you use.
Aadhaar card verification is necessary because it acts as valid identification and address proof.
You can conveniently file your income tax returns online.
You can apply for and have your passport in a few days.
The government keeps all of the information on the Aadhaar card secure.
An Aadhaar card bearer can easily open a bank account.
Pensions are widely available.
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What exactly is an e-Aadhar card?
E-Aadhar cards are digital versions of traditional Aadhaar cards. You can use it right now because the standard Aadhaar card takes some time to arrive after enrollment. It may be retrieved online by entering the enrolment number from a standard Aadhaar card. On the official website of UIDAI, you may check the status of your e-Aadhar card and also update it. UIDAI issues an E-Aadhar card with a 12-digit number. E-Aadhar card is a pdf document. A password protects it. It can only be opened if the password is entered. It is a secure way to view your Aadhaar card. It also includes biographic and demographic information, much like the physical Aadhaar card.

How long is the e-Aadhar card valid?
The E-Aadhar card is simply the traditional Aadhar card in electronic form. As a result, the card’s validity is comparable to that of a standard Aadhaar card. This means that the e-Aadhar card is valid for the individual’s entire life and can be utilized in digital transactions.

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What exactly is a Virtual ID (VID)?
VID is a temporary 16-digit number linked to your Aadhaar card number. The UIDAI website or Aadhaar enrolling centers can provide you with your VID number. It is a temporary number that is generated using your unique Aadhaar card number. To obtain this number, you must have your cellphone number registered. To prevent misuse of the Aadhaar card number, the Virtual Aadhaar number can be used in place of the genuine Aadhaar card number for online transactions.

What is the lifespan of VID?
Currently, VID can only be used for one day. This means that the Aadhaar card holder can generate the Virtual ID number only once, and it is valid for 24 hours. The Virtual ID number would then expire. Another number would have to be generated for any other transaction that used the VID number.

The Aadhaar card is a vital document that verifies your identity and is useful in a variety of situations. The card is also valid for the rest of your life. So, get an Aadhaar card and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

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