How to Create 3D Text in Paint 3D

How to Create 3D Text in Paint 3D

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today in this post. I’m going to show you how to create three d text.

There are some steps First Steps open Paint 3D type here and 3D click on paint 3D apps. now click new to start a new project.

Now select the text tool.

from this menu bar at the top are just press G on your keyboard.

The third step now selects The three Dynamics to show I crawled from this right sidebar.

from here You can also choose a different font.

size color Italy bald under light and also alignment Now, click anywhere on this canvas and start typing.

the fifth step now click anywhere on the canvas outside of the tax box to turn it 3D now grab any of the corners of the text box.

simply resize from here rotate so Friends by this simple method you can create 3D tax in paint 3D and also you can customize your 3D text.

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