How to create Data entry form in Microsoft Excel

How to create Data entry form in Microsoft Excel

hello everyone today I’m going to show
you how to create a data entry form in
Microsoft Excel we will open Excel and
first we will write down some basic data
like first name in the first name and

then last name email address and phone
number then we can write down company
name let’s reject this and then
designation of the person and then for
again parameter C key name okay and now
if these are overriding each other and

conduct it so we will give them some
space according to their required data
so like this okay so when we do this so
we will select all these cells and go to
insert and click on table and then click

on my table has headers as okay so when
we are here so then we will go to 5 and
and click on this option button okay in
the option we will click on customized

ribbon and then come on not in the
ribbon and then we will check for the
forms it’s like here yes form and click
on it and ok and then new Dave then we
will give it a read average and you take

and then click on rename and give it
name like data entry this name will be
appeared on your lifestyle
enough menu bar okay then click on new
group and then new Dave form edit then
click on this new form okay then any

damage Evelyn and we will give it to
this at ages circle click on the circle
button okay so now our data entry form
is ready so we will select it and then
we go to data entry form your form just
click on the form and now we will fill
out our data like first name you can
write anyone whatever you want like Jim

and last name you can give to lost name
whatever you want okay we made a dress
write down your email address it off
anything you like Jim you today go calm
and then phone number these are not we
have I’m just writing and to just show

you how you will do this company name
and designation and then the chicky name
Lambada is writing so this one so then
click on the next so here now your data
is entered here so this is the way to
enter your data to create a data entry
form and this is the way to enter data

in these forms I hope you will like this
video thank you very much for watching
this video and please don’t forget to
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