How To Create Facebook Page Username

How To Create Facebook Page Username

hi this is Tech Pro Advice I want to talk to you about creating your username
on your Facebook page which means it’s easier to give someone the address the
physical URL door address to your business page.

I’m starting on my own website because this is what you want to link to after you’ve gotten all of this setup to make working facebook Icon on your website

if you can see that’s much easier to tell people it says and then they can find it versus the longer name that is automatically given until you have at least 25 fans to get to the place to create a username for your business page type in forward slash username at that point you will be asked to sign in if you’re not signed in already to Facebook.

I will now sign in next you’ll see a screen that shows up yours may vary slightly and this is the
same screen you use to create a username for your Facebook profile as well as your business page or fan page.

now if you’ve been in my classes you know the difference between a Facebook profile which is your private and needs to be personal not a business and then your
business page so I’ve already set up my facebook profile with my website name

now I’m going to set up a username for one of the pages that I’m an administrator for after I click this and if I have pages available meaning I have I’m an administrator and I have more than 25 fans I click the down arrow and it lists all the business pages or fan pages that I am an administrator for I’m going to pick my new book here you see that the current title is Tech pro Advice social media and online resource directory for business Wow that would be
an awful long thing to type in so we’ll click that and then there’s a little box underneath it where I can put a name in so if I put in a name like social media and we check for availability we notice social media is available no problem we just think of another name

so I’ll put in social media for business and let’s see if that’s available social media for business is available please stop here and make sure this is exactly what you want it’s a one-time shot and
think about it again before you hit confirm you can’t change the username for this when you’re sure this is exactly what you want then click the confirm button it then will tell you if everything worked out says success.

and it shows you the link so let’s grab that link and use control C on the keyboard
and paste that up here and see where it
takes us to let me go ahead and hit okay

and now let’s paste this up here and it goes to the page see how much shorter that is I can tell someone oh you want to see my book just go to facebook-dot-com forward-slash social
media for a business type that in and they’ll take you right here this concludes the instruction on creating a username for your business page you can learn about my courses and coaching
around these topics on

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