How to Delete Facebook Page Permanently

How to Delete Facebook Page Permanently



hi, guys in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to delete your Facebook page

okay, so you just need to go to your page, so login your facebook account then select the page which you want to Delete Permanently. I have one you an example page. wich I will delete it for learning purpose.

so after login selecting the page, you just need to go to the settings of your page.

now you need to scroll down at the very bottom and here you have this remove page option. okay and here we have this delete your the page just click on it and if we get this you know link permanently delete my example page whatever you know your page name in my guess it’s you know test page
so just click on it and here we have the pop up okay so delete page permanently deleting
a page is permanent so guys make sure you wanna do that so once you delete a page you will not be able to get it back are you sure you want to delete test the page you know so just you just need to click on this delete button and you can see the message over here P is deleted and then click on OK button and as you can see it’s now been deleted.

okay and I can’t see you know my peers over here okay so that’s it thanks for watching
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How to Delete Facebook Page Permanently

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