how to enable or disable hotkeys windows 10 | 4 Methods


how to enable or disable hotkeys windows 10 | 4 Methods



hello everyone you are welcome to this
channel today in this video I gonna to
show you how to disable hotkeys in

windows 10

there are four methods to  disable hotkeys

first method

click right button of your mouse any empathy place

now move your cursor to graphics options

and here is the hotkeys

here you can enable our this ever it will be disabled
if you will click here and also if you

want again aníbal saw some click again
red button of your mouse go to graphic
options hotkeys and click on enable

second method

type edit group policy in
the search our unbox and press enter it

will be often local group policy editor
now navigate to user configuration
administrative templates windows
components file explorer in the right

side pan double-click on the term of

windows + x hotkey is a policy to edit
it selects the enabled option and clicks
apply and then ok reboot the computer to
apply the changes third method if you
are unable to access the local group

policy editor you can tag help of
registry editor for the same task just
follow these steps type registry editor
in the search or run box and press Enter
you will type this tax it will open
registry editor now navigate to
the following now renamed the



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