How to Extract Multiple Zip Files [Complete Guide]

How to Extract Multiple Zip Files [Complete Guide]


You can save time by extracting numerous zip files, and in this post, we’ll teach you how to do just that.

How to use WinZip to extract many zip files at once

If you need to extract many zip files, WinZip is the application to use. It is simple to extract numerous zip files; simply select them and select the Extract to option, and the software will do the rest.


  1. Get and install WinZip.


  1. Browse to the place where you wish to extract the files.


  1. Choose the archives you want to extract.
  2. Drag them to the destination directory using the left mouse button.
  3. Select WinZip > Unzip to here from the context menu.


How to Use CMD to Extract Multiple ZIP Files

Ascertain that you have WinZip and the WinZip command line extension installed.
Enter the command prompt by pressing Windows Key + S. Choose Command Prompt from the list of options.
command line Several zip files should be extracted
Run the following command when the command prompt appears:


wzunzip *.zip

Remember that you must open the directory containing the zip files in the Command Prompt for this command to operate. You can also specify the file path to that directory in the command line.


Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t have a native way of extracting files using the command line, so you need to rely on third-party utilities such as WinZip.

Multiple zip file extraction is not feasible by default on Windows, but with third-party software, it is a breeze.

Many applications enable this capability, however WinZip is the best choice if you want a simple and powerful archiver software that can extract multiple archives.


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