How to Fix Discord’s “No Route” Error

How to Fix Discord’s “No Route” Error


Discord is a famous VOIP tool that allows gamers to converse easily via video and text. However, several users have reported receiving a No Route message when attempting to join a Discord voice channel.


The following are some of the possible causes of this error:

Discord is being blocked by a third-party antivirus or firewall.
The IP address of your computer has been modified.
Making use of a VPN that does not support UDP
The network administrator has blocked the server’s incompatible voice area, and the network does not support QoS.

Are you one of the Discord users who receives the No Route error message when attempting to connect to a voice server? Then you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading this article. We’ve compiled a list of ways to assist you address the No Route problem in Discord.


Table of Contents Correction 1 – Reboot Your Computer and Repair Your Modem/Router 2 – Disable/Uninstall Third-Party Antivirus Fix 3 – Remove the VPN Software Fix 4 – Modify DNS settings 5 – Change the Region of the Voice Server 6 – IP Configuration Reset 7 – Remove QoS from Voice and Video Settings 8 – Allow Discord to Pass Through Windows Firewall 1 – Restart your computer as well as your modem/router.

When your computer encounters a problem, the first thing you should do is do a full system reboot. In this instance, a system restart together with a router reboot can help you address the No Route problem. Because the connection can be disrupted by a dynamic IP address that changes all the time, the router and PC must be restarted.

If Discord reconnects to the voice server without problems after restarting, the problem is with the IP address. If the error persists, try the other remedies listed below.


Fix 2 – Uninstall or disable third-party antivirus software

An overly careful antivirus or firewall might occasionally create this error by preventing Discord’s outgoing connections.

You must examine the quarantine folder of your antivirus software to determine whether it is the primary problem. All antivirus products provide a quarantine section where dangerous/harmful files are stored.

Furthermore, software such as Discord may be judged malicious and placed in the antivirus’s quarantine region. You must locate this folder on your computer, which is known as virus chest, virus vault, or any other version of this term. Look find a file with the word Discord in it and restore it.


If there is no Discord file in your antivirus’s quarantine folder, it is best to delete the antivirus software altogether from your computer.


  1. Open the Run dialog by pressing Windows + R.

  2. Enter ms-settings:appsfeatures to launch Apps & Features.


Min Ms Settings Apps Features


  1. Look in the App list for your antivirus program.
  2. There will be three vertical dots associated with the app on the right side. Simply click on it.

  3. Select the Uninstall option.


Remove Third-Party Antivirus Min


  1. In the confirmation screen, click Uninstall once again.


Features Min Confirm Uninstall Antivirus Apps


  1. After the removal, restart your computer.
  2. Verify that the Discord No Route problem has been resolved.

Reinstall your antivirus program once the check is complete.


Fix 3: Remove the VPN software.

The Discord app is compatible with VPN services that use the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). If you use a VPN software that does not use UDP, there is a good probability that this error will appear. Furthermore, as indicated in Fix 1 above, VPN will change your IP address, which may interfere with Discord’s operation.


You must uninstall the VPN program to determine if it is the source of the fault.


  1. Press the Windows key and search for apps & features.
  2. From the search results, select Apps & Features.


Min Features of Windows Apps


  1. Look for your VPN program in the list of installed applications.
  2. Select Uninstall from the three vertical dots.


Uninstall Vpn Min Apps


  1. Click Uninstall again to confirm the uninstallation.


Vpn Uninstall Confirmed Min


  1. After uninstalling the VPN, see if Discord can connect to the voice server.


If you detect that VPN is the culprit, you can try another VPN option or disconnect the service while using Discord.



Fix 4 – Modify DNS settings
The network administrator may have prohibited Discord access in your school or workplace, resulting in this error. You can bypass this barrier and communicate with outside servers by following the methods below.


  1. Open Run by pressing the Windows and R keys together.
  2. To open Network Connections, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.


Ncpa Cpl Min Run


  1. In this window, right-click your existing network connection (WiFi or Ethernet) and select Properties.


Ethernet Connection Properties Minimum


  1. Go to the Networking tab.
  2. In the connection items box, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Then, select the Properties option.


Properties Ethernet Tcp Ipv4 Network Connections


Select the radio box next to Use the following DNS server addresses in the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window.

  1. After that, change the value of the Preferred DNS server to and the Alternate DNS server to

ADVERTISEMENT 8: Click OK to finalize the settings changes.


Change Tcp Ipv4 Properties Alternate Preferred DNS Server Address Min


  1. Restart your computer. Check to see whether Discord can connect to the voice server without any issues after launch.



Fix 5 – Change the Region of the Voice Server

This error may occur if the voice server’s region is set to a continent that does not support your network. The server administrator can modify the voice region for you.


  1. Launch Discord and sign in with your account.
  2. Select Server or use the down arrow next to it.

  3. Select Server Settings from the context menu.


Discord Server Settings Minimum


  1. Navigate to the Overview tab in the Server Settings window.
  2. Click the Change button next to Server Location and select the region closest to you.

  3. Restart Discord to see if the error has been repaired.



6th Solution – Reset IP Configuration

  1. Press the Windows key, then type command prompt into the Windows search box.
  2. In the search results, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.


Open Command Prompt as Administrator


  1. Type and execute the commands listed below in the order listed.

/release ipconfig

/flushdns ipconfig

  1. ipconfig /renew Restart your computer once the commands have completed their execution. After startup, launch Discord to see if the No Route problem has been fixed.





Fix 7: Disable QoS in the voice and video settings.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. In the bottom left corner, next to your user account, click on the User Settings (tool symbol).

Min Discord User Settings Icon


  1. Locate App Settings in the left pane and click the Voice & Video tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Quality of Service column on the right side.

  3. Uncheck the box Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority.


Discord App Settings Voice Video Disable Qos Min


  1. Relaunch Discord to see if the No Route problem has been resolved.


Fix #8: Allow Discord to pass through the Windows Firewall.

  1. Press the Windows key and search for Windows Firewall.
  2. In the search result, select Allow an app across Windows Firewall.


Allow An App Through Windows Firewall Min


  1. In the Allowed Apps window, select the Change settings… button.


Firewall Apps Changed Settings Min


  1. If Discord isn’t in the list of apps, select the Allow another app… button to add it.


Apps Permitted by the Firewall Allow Another App Min


  1. In the Add an App window, click Browse.
  2. Look for the Discord shortcut or navigate to the Discord installation directory and choose the Update.exe file.

  3. Select Add.


Add Firewall, App Browse, and Discord Min


  1. After adding Discord to the list, tick the boxes next to both Public and Private. Select OK.


Check The Public Private Network For App Min


  1. Reboot both your computer and your router.

Check to see whether this helps you resolve the problem.



Thank you for your time.

We hope this post was helpful and that you were able to fix the Discord No Route problem on your PC. Please share the solution that helped you resolve the problem in the comments section below.

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