How to Fix Error 0x80070422 | Windows Update error solved

How to Fix Error 0x80070422 | Windows Update error solved

hello guys today in this post e will learn how to fix Error 0x80070422  or Windows Update error 

friends if you facing one
error while installing updates in Windows 10 operating system 

and you getting the error code 0x80070422 ( zero crosses eight zero zero seven
zero four two two

so in this Post, I will basically try to solve this error and 
try to fix this error

I am Not sure this method will work or not but we will
never know before we try

so let’s fix this error if we want to fix this error then first be able to open services

simply search for services in windows search bar

then you will see here this service desktop app

simply click on these services

and you can also open this from – managers ethnic Saudis let’s
open touch – then go to services then
simply click on open services so I just
shown you how to open services let’s
close this one by this current closing

let’s open it again now the first thing you have to do is just find windows updates.

let’s find here scroll down and find where you see your Windows updates simply
double click on Windows Update

then you will see this that CDs here startup type it is currently disabled

simply click on automatic and select here automatic

then click on apply now click on recovery tab

then in the first failures section
select here restart the services

then simply click on OK
now I think our error should be soldered
let’s see does this work at all or not

let’s retry again as you can see this error is fixed up for me

I hope this method will work for you

and if this method work for you then give a big thumbs up and if don’t work for you
then you can punish me by clicking on
dislikes now you can get lost


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