How to Fix Microsoft Office 2016 Not Responding or Word 2016 NotStarting

How to Fix Microsoft Office 2016 Not Responding or Word 2016 Not Starting


Did you one day merely click on the Microsoft Word software and ask yourself, “Why does Word keep not responding?” If the answer is yes, you are not the one encountering this problem of Microsoft Word not responding. However, we have a realistic and easy approach to address your problem.

In today’s day, Microsoft Word has become a go-to software for users to save their notes, produce a list, mark their chores, prepare a guide, or simply write their hearts out. Being such an important software, it is apparent to experience aggravation when the notification pops up claiming that word not responding when saved. However, you don’t need to freak out and start writing everything all over again.

We have discussed some of the most prevalent concerns on how to fix Microsoft Word not responding to messages.

microsoft word is not responding

Part 1: Under What Situations will Microsoft Word Not Responding Message Pop Up
Part 2: 6 Effective Ways to Quickly Unfreeze Word \sFix 1. Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Word

Fix 2. Check Word in Task Manager

Fix 3. Start Word in Safe Mode

Fix 4. Use Microsoft Word’s Office Repair Tool

Fix 5. Disable Add-ins in Microsoft Word

Fix 6. Disconnect Network Drive or Printer

Part 3: How to Recover Unsaved Files in Case of Word Not Responding
Part 1: Under What Situations will Microsoft Word Not Responding Message Pop Up
There are numerous common causes of Microsoft Word not responding to messages. When you discover this pop-up notice, the first logical thing you can do is find out the reasons for it rather than bracing yourself to type the entire thing again.

Let’s find out the causes of the Microsoft Word no responding message:

An Inappropriate Add-in: \sUsually, the authors of today are aiming to utilize add-in tools. In such a circumstance, too many tools can often influence the performance of Microsoft Word. Similar to the saying—Too many cooks ruin the broth—when you have several tools as add-ins, you need to re-evaluate your Microsoft Word demands and bring them to a minimum.

Server Timeout: \sIf you are working on a remote server, you are vulnerable to experiencing the Microsoft Word not working pop up. In such a circumstance, you can easily find yourself in the pool of failing to access, save, or open your Microsoft Word document.

Damaged Application: \sAlways confirm that you have installed the Microsoft Word program from verified sources. In the case of the pirated edition, you can encounter the “Word not responding” issue.

Word Program not Up-to-Date: \sIt is good to guarantee that some issues develop in the Microsoft Word software, owing to not being up-to-date. And hence, it can be one of the common causes of the “Microsoft Word not responding” notice.

Outdated System’s Driver: \sWhile the outdated software is one of the common causes of the issue, you could still have an issue even if the Microsoft Word application is up-to-date. In circumstances when the system drivers are obsolete, the issue retains a high potential to arise.

Part 2: 6 Effective Ways to Quickly Unfreeze Word
Now that we know the common troubles with the message—Microsoft Word not working, we now come across the top repair alternatives. However, the first step is to determine the top issue to your misery of—What to do When Microsoft Word is not Responding, and I didn’t Save?

Let’s look at the 6 efficient solutions to resolve your Word freeze issue:

Fix 1. Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Word
You can uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Word in case your program is outdated. So, you can uninstall and reinstall the program to permanently fix the Microsoft Word issue. However, before following the instructions to cure this issue, confirm that you may use the MS Office activation key twice.

Step 1.Locate the Control Panel in your System.

Step 2.Now, find the Program and Features.

Step 3.Select Microsoft Office and click on Uninstall from the top menu.

remove microsoft word
Step 4.Once done, refresh your system. You can also restart your system. Reinstall your Microsoft Office and then use your activation key to activate your Microsoft Word.

Step 5.Reinstall your Microsoft Office and then use your activation key to activate your Microsoft Word

Fix 2. Check Word in Task Manager

When the software often offers this notice of Microsoft Word not operating, you might try checking its program in Task Manager. Below are the recommended methods to follow to keep your Microsoft Word up and running:

STEP 1:Open Task Manager in your system.

STEP 2:Check the disk use and track the number.

STEP 3:If the disk use indicates 100%, then the issue is because of the RAM overflow.

STEP 4:Shut off MS Word from the application.

STEP 5:Upon attempting End Task, you can fix your Microsoft Word.

check a word in task management
Fix 3. Start Word in Safe Mode
When you have add-ins installed in your Microsoft Word, you could find complications linked to your documents. You can follow the procedures below to address the issue:

Step 1Press “Windows + R” key.
Step 2Type Winword/safe in your run tab and press “Yes”.
start word in safe mode
Step 3Press the Ctrl key and hold it.
Step 4Double click on the Word Shortcut.
Step 5If you see that the Word opens normally, the file is right to utilize. If not, you can use the Word repair tool to repair your damaged file.
Tips: Upon fixing the corrupted file, you will be able to use Microsoft Word properly.

Fix 4. Use Microsoft Word’s Office Repair Tool

There is one common fix for Microsoft Excel and Word not responding issues. You can cure the issue by repairing Microsoft Word with a multitude of apps and features.

Below you can follow the procedures to repair the Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Launch Control Panel.
Step 2: Click on Programs and Features.
Step 3: Choose Microsoft Office.
Step 4: Locate “Change” in the top menu.
utilize microsoft words office repair tool
Step 5: Click on Repair and pick Continue from the pop-up window.
Step 6: In some of the latest systems, you will see an option to fix Windows online.
Step 7: Upon finishing the repair process, restart your machine, and you will be able to run Microsoft Word normally.
Fix 5. Disable Add-ins in Microsoft Word
When your Microsoft Word is not compatible with the third-party APIs, you should be able to disable the Add-ins. You can follow the steps given below to disable these third-party APIs:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word in safe mode.

Step 2: Once you open the File, go to the Options and click on Add-ins.

Step 3: Access the Go button, click Manage, and then Com-in Add.

Step 4: Click on the checkbox for disabling any Add-ins and click on “OK”.

disable add-ins in Microsoft word \sFix 6. Disconnect Network Drive or Printer
If you find that your Microsoft Word is not responding and that the problem is external, you need to check for the network drive or your printer.

Below are some of the methods you can follow to remedy the issue:

STEP 1.Click on the This PC option on your Windows.

STEP 2.In this choice, you will locate Map Network Drive, which you will find under the drop-down menu of the Computer option.

STEP 3.Select the” Disconnect Network Drive “option.

pick the disconnect network drive option \sSTEP 4.

Then choose the network disk that you need to disconnect and then click on OK.


A dialog popup will display requesting you to confirm the actions. Select Yes, and you are set.

Part 3: How to Recover Unsaved Files in Case of Word Not Responding
While these remain the best ways for unfreezing Microsoft Word, it could take some time to come to a solution. The first step that you have to take is to identify the problem. However, the solution for the query—How to retrieve freeze word?—is just a product away!


Let’s examine the tool. It is one of the excellent tools for repairing the difficulties linked with Windows. It can assist you and save you from inadvertent deletion of files. The product has different variations. So, you are spoilt for choice with the greatest features of the Tenorshare 4DDiG software.

Let’s have a look at some of the different characteristics of Tenorshare 4DDiG:

FREE VERSION: \sYou can recover all the deleted files such as lost videos, documents, images, etc
You can even retrieve data from BitLocker protected drives.
Tenorshare 4DDiG even allows you to recover data from a formatted drive.
PROFESSIONAL VERSION: \sCrashed system? Tenorshare 4DDiG can still help you retrieve your data.
You can even restore your data from HDDVD, DVD, and CD.
If you have recently formatted the drive and lost some data, you can utilize the premium version to restore your data.
Tips: The free version can assist you recover data only up to 100 MB.

Free Download

For PC

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Below are the procedures to retrieve your lost data using Microsoft Word:

First of all, download and install Tenorshare 4DDiG software. Select the location where you wish to recover Word files and then click Scan to start.
4ddig interface
After you select the location, the software will start scanning the drive. You can switch from Tree View to File View to find target files.
scanning progress
Once the process is completed, you need to choose the files you wish to recover and click on the “Recover” option.
recover word
While there are several tools and products in the market that claim to recover your data, some of these are merely data leaking funnels. Hence, you have to be very careful when you install a utility in your system.



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