How to Fix Microsoft Office 2016 Not Responding or Word 2016 NotStarting

How to Fix Microsoft Office 2016 Not Responding or Word 2016 Not Starting


hi guys today I will be showing you to fix Microsoft Word errors as you can see if you guys have Microsoft Office student and Home Edition two zero one six and problems may arise while starting word state just starting it’s not opening this is a common error in Word and show you how to fix this even if we wait for half an hour it won’t start let’s close this let’s if other is opening except for word all other things of office will open but if you go to file and then options this will hang the same problem to close this so I will show you how to fix this first of all go to task manager go to services just click any right click open services and then search for prints who love something like that you will find it will go somewhere please here go to properties what you have to do is just look at manual and you stop this actually this service is for what for printing options there is some error sometimes you know what does not respond to this print spooler so you have to just disable this if you want to do some printing and all that just started put a flash okay now that’s yes you should not just check see check it okay so the problem was print spooler check one PowerPoint this is also opening fine options yeah it’s working I hope your problem gets solved like this video share and subscribe thank you


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