How to Fix Missing DLL file Error on Windows PC

How to Fix Missing DLL file Error on Windows PC

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in this video, I gonna show you

how to fix all dot DLL file missing error on Windows PC

so firstly open Google Chrome or any web browser and type in the search box

Microsoft Download Center and in the search result, click on a first link

here are Microsoft Download Center windows office, Xbox and more

so click this one

now type in the search box

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

 and hit enter you will see some file for download related to DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

click the first one or click here for download

also, you can download by given the link in the description  of above video

now click on the download

after download double-click on downloaded file for setup

Now accept the agreement by checking the  round icon and click on next then click on next again an click on next third time

now wait for a time because of download size in 93.9

so now you can see it’s a download all the missing file for your PC and after successfully download, you restart and reboot your PC as you can see all missing file will be solved

and your PC will be running smoothly and you can see that

this software download all the file including all  .DLL file missing

so by this software your you can fixer
or DLL file missing now click on finish

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