How to Fix “This Application requires DirectX Version 8.1 or Greater”Error

How to Fix “This Application requires DirectX Version 8.1 or Greater” Error

today in this post we learn how to fix Windows PC error this application requires DirectX 8.1 or greater to run on Windows 10.

so let’s start firstly go to windows start menu and search features.

and select turn Windows Features on or off

any I scroll down and click on plus icon let me see components and select both check both box and click on OK.

it will take some time and after you will see this message. just close it at restart your PC.

and if this method not work for you so second method

open your browser and type DirectX and press ENTER it scroll down and just click on download you don’t need to check both boxes and just click on no thanks and continue.

our file will be downloaded. double click on it click on install anyway. accept and click on next after progress complete.

just click on finish and restart your PC.

so by these two methods I hope this error will be fixed and you can run any program or game on your PC very smoothly.

so thanks again and please subscribe mu youtube channel for more update and if you have any question or this method work for you so please comment below.

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