How to Hide Your Chrome Browsing Activity From Your Boss

How to Hide Your Chrome Browsing Activity From Your Boss



in this post, we learn how to hide your chrome activity I mean chrome browsing tabs from your boss.

so it’s a very easy and useful trick for your job life.

so first of all click on apps in here click on webstore now in here search extension panicbutton hide all your tabs at once with one single button and restore them later.

so just click on add to Chrome again click on add extension.

after installation right click on connect button icon and click on options in here some customization.

you can set a keyboard shortcut firstly select yes and select any key like control and in here select any one.

toolbar visibility hide panic button toolbar icon after activation if you want to hide this icon so just selecting yes so after activation it will be hidden.

if you want to set a password to protect your stored tab so just click on yes and enter the password then either some advanced protection.

and set a patch to appear after panic button activation so default selected as new tab page and also you can set a blank page or custom page so as your requirement.

so very easy you want to hide all the tabs so just click so it will be Heidi and if we want to restore so select clear pending button so it will take all the tabs again.

so by this easy method, you can hide your chrome browsing activity from your boss or any other person.

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