How to insert a hyperlink in MS Word

How to insert a hyperlink in MS Word

1 method insert a hyperlink directly URL in MS Word 

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today in this video we will learn how to insert a hyperlink in ms word

so firstly open ms word and type some texts and enter URL now enter so your URL

will turn into a hyperlink

and if you want a reason for this link

so click on the view tab and select read mode and click on the link

now after successfully inserting a hyperlink close this one

and click on View again and select edit document

2 method insert a hyperlink in MS Word

and another way of inserting hyperlinks in ms word

is insert the hyperlink in word so all you need to do

highlight text where you want to insert hyperlinks

and click on insert tab now click on the link and paste URL and click on ok

so thises words will turn in a hyperlink if you want to see the result

click right button of your mouse and click on the open hyperlink and if you want to see the result so also, you can see the result by the view and read mode

so friends that are How to insert a hyperlink in MS Word

by this method, you can insert a hyperlink in MS Word document

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