How to Insert All Currency Symbol in MS Excel

How to Insert All Currency Symbol in MS Excel

make sure the numbers in question are formatted as currency. To do this, select the cells you want to format.

Then, select “Currency” from the “Number Format” drop-down list in the “Number” section of the “Home” tab.

The numbers in the selected cells are all formatted as currency with Windows’ default currency symbol applied.

To change some of the currency numbers to another type of currency, such as Euros, select the cells you want to change.

In the “Number” section of the “Home” tab, click he “Number Format” button in the lower-right corner of the section.

On the “Number” tab, “Currency” should be selected in the “Category” list. Click on the “Symbol” drop-down list, scroll down to the “Euro” options and select one, depending on whether you want the Euro symbol before or after the number. Click “OK”.

How to Insert All Currency Symbol in MS Excel

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today in this post we are going to show you how to insert all currency symbol in
Microsoft Excel program

it’s a very easy and simple method

so firstly open the Microsoft Excel program

and select row, column, or cell where you want to insert currency symbol

and now go to Home tab and in the Home, tab go to general and click
on this down arrow icon.

now in the last option-click on more number formats

and in here select category as a currency

and now click on this arrow icon and here you
will find all the popular currency symbol like US, Canada, New Zealand, and Hong
Kong dollar currency

so we will select here a Japanese currency symbol and  after that simple click on ok

so you will see here Japanese currency

and if you want to insert different currency so select column go
to general more number formats currency
and in here like Indian rupee symbol icon so friends by this very easy and simple method you can insert any country currency symbol in Microsoft Excel program

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