How to Insert Watermark in MS Word | Picture & Text

How to Insert Watermark in MS Word | Picture & Text

hey one MMG today I’ll show you how to
add watermark in Microsoft Word document
so if you are using a picture or if you
want to tap the text background of your
water Mac so you can do this easily so
just click on page layout and then click

on watermark okay
by default, it has some format here as
you can see here confidential don’t copy
like this or if you want to set the
custom work from one so just click here
like custom watermark okay so first I
will show you how to add a picture as a

watermark then I will show you how to
add text either format so here just
check the picture auto mark and click
on select picture okay so I will save
some pictures here on the desktop ok here
yes I’m going to insert this picture on
the watermark select and ok so as you
can see the picture is very light and

turn here so if you want to make the
dark then go to watermark and go custom
and here just uncheck this wash out like
this and click OK that’s it as you can
see the picture is now looking dark so
this is a picture hot wet and if you
want to add the text as a water Mac the
same thing will apply just go to
watermark and click on the custom watermark
and here check out text watermark so
language is default ok and here just

type water by one
okay and the fonts I will it give it
default and offer is just clicked okay I
will show later this color and the
suicide and the semi transport okay as
you can see here these are light very

what am I saying look at that okay so
it’s very hard to say and I don’t think
it will print the when you going to
print so let’s make it dark go to auto
mark and then customer watermarks and
here just uncheck this semi-transparent
okay let’s see how it’s long look yeah
as you can see he is looking better now

or if you want more door cut work just
go to gain watermark and click custom
watermark and here click on color and
you can take this dark grey like this
okay I will take this, oh yeah now it’s
looking nice so you can adjust font size

and the darkness and light a background
as per your need as per your requirement
so this is a way to add a watermark as a
picture and the text in your word

a document so thanks for watching and see
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