How to link YouTube Channel to Facebook Page

How to link YouTube Channel to Facebook Page



How to link YouTube Channel to Facebook Page

hello everyone you are welcome to my website tech Pro Advice

today in this video we learn how to link YouTube channel to a Facebook page

so firstly login your Facebook account

and after login your account click on this down arrow icon

and click on create page select your page type business community or public figure

so I will select community a public figure and click on get started

enter your page name here now add a category as your channel type I will select entertainment and click on continue now upload a profile picture I have already so I just click a picture now add a cover photo so now your page is ready now simply click on this pen icon scroll down and click on learn more about your business here select watch video and click on dashed so you can see here will change and you will see watch video button

so click on next now click on website link now enter your YouTube channel link here so I will open the new tab and I will paste my YouTube channel URL so now copy this URL page go here and paste here and click on sir now click on finish after completing this now in search bar type YouTube tab and such select first one and click on user now

so now click on install application now select your pet if you have more than one page for connecting the YouTube with the Facebook page so I will select attack house and click on add a page tab now wait for 5 seconds now enter your YouTube channel ID

here to go to your YouTube channel path and copy from here it’s your YouTube channel ID not copy and a channel only copy this area and go here

now remove the official Facebook and paste here and here there are some more options you can try like feature video ID link header image to and also you can select header image file so after customizing the setting click on save settings

so, friends, we successfully connected YouTube channel to a Facebook page we can see the latest video and all the video on my channel from here people can subscribe directly from your Facebook page and they can watch all the video from your Facebook page I hope you like this video thanks for watching this video.







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