How To Make A Conference Call

How To Make A Conference Call

Your Android X allows you to make a conference call if you need to talk to several people at the same time. To make a conference call on your Android, make one call, and then add a second call. Touch the button on the Android X touch screen, and then everyone speaks.

1 Dial the First person.
You can enter its number, select the number from the Contacts list, or even use Speed Dial if you have a setting.

2 After connecting your phone and completing some pleasantries, touch the Add call button.
The first person is hung, and the contact panel is seen.

3 Dial the second person.
Or, you can call the number from the contact list. Tell your antiques and inform the party that the call is about to be built-in.

4 Touch the Merge Calls button.
And now join two calls. Every person you call can talk to and hear each other.

5 If your service provider allows, you can connect to more than two callers to make a conference call by repeating steps 2 through 4 to connect the third person.
You will also need to repeat step 7 to separate each caller.

6 When many people in a room want to participate in a call, touch the speaker button.
This step places the phone in speaker mode.

7 To end the conference call, disconnect the last person you have called: Touch the End last call button.
The second person you are connected to is offline. The call ends. You still take to the first person.

8 To end the first conversation, touch the End Connection button.
The conference call ended.

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