how to make a free android app

how to make a free android app


how to make a free android app

hello, today’s video I’ll show you how you can create your own Android app without having a knowledge of complicated coding

if you’re not the Android developer don’t worry you still able to build your own Android app

I’ll show you step by step process how you can create your own
Android app so without further

let’s go to the computer let me show you how you can build your own Android app if
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these videos all right guys let’s create
an Android app before we begin we need
to set a few things first let me show

make a free android app

you those things you need your
application icon and your application
panel application banner will appear on
Google Play Store when you publish your
app and you need a screenshot of your
application you can take this screenshot
after the coding app but you can prepare
your banner and application will go

before that you can take a help of food
editing software just like a Photoshop
let me show you this is Photoshop and
let me show you the size of this banner
make sure its pixel is 512 by 512 pixel

okay and this is my Google Play Store
banner if you open this here you can see
the application enter resolution okay
drift and height once you’ve done that
open up your web browser and open and here type that to apk and
open first link here you can create your

application on the top here you can type
your YouTube channel URL or your website
URL in my case I will copy my youtube
channel URL and I simply paste here you
can give a title to your application
here you can browse your application

icon now click show advanced setting
and screen orientation if you select
portrait your application will open just
like it if you select vertical your
application open just like it so in this
case I will select vertical I want my
application open like this on the
welcome screen you can change it or you
can leave it as it is so I would say

welcome to my channel or you can change
the description if you want to welcome
to our Android app or you can say
welcome to my youtube channel
this is Network error screen you can
leave it as it is this is a gross screen
you can leave it as is off site link
users can navigate anywhere from that
only allow external link if user URL
contains text I will select users can

navigate anywhere from mine now you can
remove this now simply click create my
app it will done everything for you as
you can see here application has been
created simply click on it this download
link and application will be downloaded
ok ok let’s move on to the next step now
we’re going to publish our Android app

on Google Play Store now open the google
calm and here type Play Store developer
console open up this first link in my
case this panel looks like this one if
you open your Google Play Developer
console it would be just like this one
let me show you it ask you to sign in
and it asks you to pay a $25 fees don’t

worry it would be one-time investment
once you invest your $25 to creating and
developer account you can publish as
many app as you want this is not that
much high amount of money but if you
smart enough you know the benefit of
publishing it Android app on Google Play
Store you can establish your own brand
you know what I mean click I agree the
terms and condition whatever and click

continue to payment
and here you have to help your debt
card or whatever you’ll be the card
information billing information and pay
$25 as you can see here once you’ve done
your payment or resist raising process
we come back here you will see the panel

just like it
I already publish a app on Google Play
Store as you can see here is published
and let’s publish a Android app you can
see this button here create application
click on there and give a title to your
application click create give a short
description give a full description
scroll down and here if you want to
publish your app on phone here you can
add your screenshot of your application

once you open your application it will
look like this and you can take a
screenshot of your application and once
you’ve done that I already capture the
screenshot of my application and I
simply click and drag and drop you can

add maximum 8 screenshot or minimum 2
just like it
and scroll down here you can add a
application icon size given here okay we
already done that process before just
drag and drop your application icon here
you can add your application banner we

already done that process as well let’s
drag and drop
here you can add your promo video as URL
if you already prepared the promo video
select the category in my case its
application in the category its
education based where you can give a
website title as you can give a email as
you can give phone number if you want to
I’ll leave it click not submit a private
policies URL at this time okay go go
back to the top and click Save default

and you can see here now we have one
green tick mark on the Stroh lifting
okay and we need three more tick marks
here here and here
okay now go app release scroll down and
click manage production now click create

release now click not now
now click upload ATK now here is the
application can drag and drop now scroll
down click review
now we have green mark here now we need
to go to content rating if you need a
tick mark on the content rating you must
upload app first like we did here okay

now we can go to the content rating and
click containing give email copy and
paste now select your application
what’s the matter
here quell the app contain violence
material click no sexuality no language
no basically you have to click every
single no okay I already read all of
them in my case I select everything note
and click Save cautionary and click

calculate reading
now click apply reading okay now we done
reading process as you can see here now
we get green tick mark on content rating
now click pricing and distribution so if
you want your application page you can
select page so I would go free now in
its section in which country you want
your application to be published I would
say available in every country you can
see scroll down is your application

primary director to one of the children
under obviously know this application
contain ads I would say now
scroll down
click here and click here and click here
ok then go back to the topic safety Ford
okay as you can see now we have green
tick mark in prime M distribution okay

now we got four tick mark here one two
three four and that means that we let it
up which our app as you can see here now
we got this button right here if we
click on this button ready to publish
our application will publish after 24 or
maybe it takes 48 hours to publish on
Google Play Store so in this case I will
not publish my application it’s all
about tutorials and I would believe this

but you can publish your application if
you want finally I would say if we do
not want spend your $25 or you just need
application this is the easiest way to
create an application in just one click
guys just one clicks and once you create
your application you can share your
application through social networks and
your Facebook Instagram there’s a lot of
social media out there you can

distribute your application with your
friends and family I hope you guys
enjoyed this video if you really enjoy
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videos and I will see you guys next time

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