How to Make Money on YouTube channel

How to Make Money on YouTube channel

how to make money online is very popular and taste full sweet on web browser almost anyone wants to taste it at list one time in life. so let’s start we have a very easy and powerful way

Making a youtube channel is very easy like ABC you need only your Gmail account, a device, and internet connection. if you have these things so the get ready.

sign up your account with Gmail

the first thing you have to do go to any web browser on PC and type in the search bar or open youtube channel app in a mobo device. sign up your account with Gmail. now verify your account with mobo number.

Create your channel name

Create your channel name. Your channel name should be an SEO friendly, Presenting your brand, and available in all social media platforms.

Set profile

search or and download an awesome youtube channel art, Channel Icon. both websites have a lof free cool Images. all of you have to do select a wide range of pictures and customize as your choice.


Write a good length description. in the description, you should write Your name, Qualification, the purpose of creating this channel, and link of all your social media platforms URL.

and also type time of uploading, a call for action like “please subscribes to my channel”, your popular video URL, and Website Link.

Start Uploading Videos

Upload one or more video regularly on every day, or week, or Month. in your video use SEO friendly title, tags, and Descriptions.

a secret strategy being a millionaire on youtube

Upload every day 5 good quality videos. so in a one year, your channel has about 5*365= 1825 videos. and you get the US or European traffic to your Channel and on average your video has 25k views so your channel has 1825 × 25000= 45625000 in one year.

you will earn at a list 5$ on 1k views. so at a list, you will make money on youtube about 228125$ in one year.

5*365= 1825× 25000= 45625000

5$ on 1k=228125$ in one year.

if  5*365= 1825× 50000= 91250000

5$ on 1k=456250$ in one year.

if  5*365= 1825× 100000= 91250000

5$ on 1k=912500$ in one year.

if  5*365= 1825× 200000= 91250000

5$ on 1k=1825000$ in one year.

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