How to Make RESUME in MS WORD

How to Make RESUME in MS WORD

How to Make RESUME in MS WORD

in this post, I gonna to show you how to make a resume in ms word

so first of all open ms word and go to a new blank  page now start to write so first of all write resume as heading 1

Personal Details

now type personal details

in personal details, you should type your First and last Name

your age

your home or business address

your email and mobo number

your material status

Enter 5*4 tables

now go to the table and enter 5*4 tables

in your personal details, you should type your full name, home address, email id, mobile number and last one your marital status if you want after that type your

Educational qualifications

I this educational qualifications table, you should  type your degree year board and percentage in the last type date and signature

work experience

so go tables and get 5*4 tables


add your image

I hereby declare that information in resume above is true to my best of knowledge.

that’s it

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Personal Detail

Name: Make Root



Mobile Number: 0091xxxxxxxxxx

Material: Marid

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How to Make RESUME in MS WORD

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