How to Post YouTube Videos on Facebook with the Big Thumbnails

How to Post YouTube Videos on Facebook with the Big Thumbnails

hey, guys, we’ll come back to the Tech Pro Advice

in this post, I gonna to show you how to post YouTube videos on Facebook with the big thumbnails.

so just in case in my upload particular video on your channel and then you want to transfer back that same thumbnail over into maybe your news feed or your Facebook fan page with the actual size.

there are different ways how you can do it but this method I’m going to show you guys tonight is to be the most effective ones.

so stay tuned so welcome back guys and so 1280 by 720 is an actual size for YouTube you can also have 1080 as well

so first you need to go back into your account and then go to edit and then you go to your URL of the video

so on the far right here so you just copy that one and then you go down to advanced settings and then we want to do you could go over to the left-hand side so where you have this box here that says allow embedding you don’t know click

or you said untaped and then gonna press saved

and then the next step you want to go to google and then you’re gonna search for a Facebook debugger

so it’s not the first one that comes up the second one here so this is not third policy directly from Facebook so all you have to do is click in that one copy and paste the URL link of that same video in the side here and then you’re gonna click and debug you’re gonna go fetch me information

and then these are all the details regarding that same video so we’re gonna do now we have scrape again you know select scrape again and that’s it

so we’re gonna do for the last step is to go back to the actual video over on your channel and then you know clicking are you sick copy back to the same URL and then you gonna take it over to your actual channel or your facebook fan page

sorry and then you’re gonna paste it over here so let’s say for example to write something here and there have it the actual size of the same 1280 by 720 of being converted back over to Facebook so all I’m gonna have to do now I’ll probably stay there someone just drop the rubber title [Music]

so let it refresh and now we have it the actual size of the thumbnail has been converted over here and Facebook so like I said all that I’m gonna do clicking that and it takes me back straight to the actual video but on my channel

so if you’re happy with this result so like I said it’s quite easy so all you have to do is to select the video that you guys need to transfer that thumbnail over to your Facebook fan page it’s all you’re gonna do like I said copy the URL you can go down to advanced settings and then you’re gonna go down right here we have allow embedding and you’re gonna just uncheck that one and save bring it over into this site here which called the Facebook debugger

and then you’re gonna copy and paste that URL then you can go to debug and then the next step you just go scrape again and then I can say to go back to the video as well and then you’re gonna grab the URL itself and then you take it back over to your Facebook page

and then that’s we’re gonna paste it so like I said it’s quite simple so like I said thank you very much guys to hang out one more time with me please like share and subscribe to my channel for more videos about YouTube marketing Facebook marketing and any social media marketing topic that you guys are interested in too you can see that on my page over here on YouTube so thank you very much and a half blessed day thanks


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