How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp




WhatsApp offered So many new features day by day, but the feature deletes for everyone recently presented.

Due to this feature, users can delete the sent message within seven minutes. This way the recipient disappears this message.In other words, if you send someone a message in your nerves or errors, your message is sent to another conversation, you can change your mind and delete the message sent before the recipient is taught.

The way you know that using a single method can be deleted seven minutes instead of when the message can be deleted. Click here to read this method.

Similarly, a new interesting thing is now discovered that if you make a message delete, you can read it in that case.

Actually, when a sender delights it, he apparently disappears from the recipient’s WhatsApp but when the message is received, you’ll know that message also appears in a notification. But most people read the WhatsApp message from the notification, ignoring it, and the second servant understands that his message has not yet been seen.

That’s the problem, the message disappears from the Whats app, but it remains in the history of Notifications.

For this, you can go to your phone’s notification and read this message. for it, you have to do Press any empty space on the phone’s home screen and select Widgets from the displayed options.

Then take the settings widgets to the home screen

And open the notification from it. Here you will find all the notifications that you received.

Also, if you want to make this task easier, install the Notification History application.

Install Notification History application from Google Play Store like notisave,

This app stores the history of all the notifications you received. Thus, if the message sender deleted any chat which you received on the Wats app, you will be able to read it in the notification.

It turned out that there was a simple trick that could be used to read messages deleted by their senders on the Wattab application, thus disrupting the “features” of the new feature offered by the owner of the application when, for the first time, it allowed users to delete messages after they were sent within seven minutes of And provided that the receiver or member of the group has not yet seen it.

A few days ago, the Spanish website Android Jeff revealed that the deleted messages could easily be read by the future, whether he was an individual or a member of a Watsab group, through a very simple step: go to the “notifications” ) On the phone, where the message appears and is not deleted by the sender.

The report, which was seen by, said the messages were stored on the “notes register” in the Android operating system, the most widely used operating system on mobile phones in the world.

The Spanish site noted that once a person entered the “notes log”, they would be able to view messages sent to their account on WatSab and be able to read deleted messages as well.

The report suggested that those interested in taking advantage of this gap can download a special program to save the previous notes, called “Notification History” is available on the store, “Google” for free, by this program can easily return to the notes recorded on the phone, “Android”. Once the application is downloaded and opened, the user sees notes or alerts that have been recorded on his or her Android system within the past three hours and can click on any of these alerts and read their content even if it is a message sent by someone and then He deleted them immediately.

However, the report did not say whether the vulnerability was present on the iPhone, but he did not say whether all versions of Android could reveal these deleted messages.

It is noteworthy that the deletion of messages after sending or called after sending, caused a stir recently when the application “WatSab” to add users to be the race and the first to add this feature among the applications of instant messaging spread around the world.

 How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

Friends If you deleted or lost your WhatsApp chat, you can read easily those messages after restoring it.

so in this post, I will cover on this topic How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

there some ways

the first and very easy way is to Uninstall WhatsApp completely. and then Reinstall now it will ask for backup so make okey so it restore all your chat video and massages and massages which you deleted before

first thing you have to do is install a google play store application on your android device

Like Notysave “WA Delete for Everyone” etc..

Friends some time we need to read deleted messages

you need for reading a deleted messages To use WhatsApp recall a message feature,

sender and receiver should be installed in both the users’ phones Whatsapp Latest Version app.

Only then will this feature work.

and you should know After 7 minutes this feature will not work of message send, this feature will work 7 minutes after message cannot be deleted.

see the WhatsApp Recall feature to apply not only to Text Message but for all Image – Video Documents & ZIP Voice Message Contact Files Locations, etc. That means the user can delete anything after sending.

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