How to Recover and Repair Corrupted Excel File

How to Recover and Repair Corrupted Excel File

How to Recover and Repair Corrupted Excel File

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tech pro advice here I gonna to show you
how to recover or repair your corrupted Excel File

there are some steps follow them
First, we have to open Excel Microsoft Excel just open it and now go to open and go to where you save the file
I have a desktop file image testing and
before you click the open just drop down it
and here you can find some option open and repair

just click on that open repair and you do some information
then click on repair now closes and look at what the file is recovered and repair
if this the method does not work with you and with your file

we have one more option to repair the file

just open the Excel and take your file
and click on the open drop-down menu
and here you can find open end debate take this and
here you have one more option to exact the data if the repair is they don’t work you know for your own a file you can check another option extract the data you can convert a value
or recover the formulas I will take the car to else just cloak this

maybe this method will be lost are it is you are some formula but it will convert you all file into normal but I think it helps to some data recovery
before you go into a loss the alter profile it is then instead of losing all file
it’s better to get some information or some data from the corrupted file
so that’s it for today
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