How to Remove Admin Bar in WordPress

How to Remove Admin Bar in WordPress

welcome back to another episode of the Pixum web so today.

I’m going to show you a few ways that you can get rid of the admin bar of your WordPress powered website now there’s a lot of ways to do it but I’m just gonna focus on three of them all right so why would you want to do this well if you find it distracting if you’re designing your site and you see it’s up there and you really don’t need it to be there especially if it’s distracting you then you know you may want to remove it and there are some easy options to do that and there are some more difficult options so I’m gonna start with the hardest option for now so I’m going to go to my text editor so I’m right here in my text editor and I have the snippet of code.

it’s uh removed the admin bar from the front-end so pretty much you just hook it into the add filter show admin bar and you return false.

so I’m going to uncomment this code snippet right there I’m gonna save it go back to the front-end and I’m going to refresh the page alright so now it’s gone alright so now how do you get back to the backend well that’s easy to do I’m one you could either set it up that you have your meta um your meta login information towards the bottom like you know they’re linked to your login page and that would just take you back or you can just type like that alright so you know that’s not the most user-friendly way but it does deal with the issue of the admin bar on the front end now you still have it here in the backend which is fine you know but you know the purpose of it was for the front-end when you’re here alright so now that was pretty painless I mean you could do that.

if you have a text editor and you upload it you know via no FTP to your server and then you know it’s it’ll work and there’s other ways to do it I mean let me comment this out alright so now I’m going to take this and just copy that I mean let me save that file, of course, alright so now I’m gonna refresh and now you’re back you have the admin bar back again alright so another way to do this I mean using the same snippet of code source still technically under the same um the same idea of using code which is not the easiest way.

but you know it is a way you can use the code snippet plug-in here and then you know you will put in the title so remove admin bar all right so now here you just pasted it and I’m using the code snippets plug-in it’s a very user friendly plug-in to use if you don’t want to create a child theme and for your site and if you don’t want to worry about working with code from your local computer then you know migrating it to your server and things of that nature.

so alright so I put that snippet of code there again so let’s look at that again just gonna increase the font size of the screen so again add on school filter opening-closing parentheses and then in single quotation marks or double quotation marks doesn’t matter a show underscore admin underscore bar and then comma separated and then another a double underscore return underscore false and then don’t forget to close off its a semicolon so you know you could save and activate the changes I’m gonna bring this back down now let’s go to the front let’s see.

if that worked and it worked all right so now I’m gonna go back to the back end you know I’m gonna go back to my snippet so I’m going to all snippets and I’m going to deactivate that one alright so what’s it another way that we can do this alright so now where you see we have the admin bar back another way actually I’m very simple to do we could just go back to user profile and then show to bar ready view inside most people don’t even realize this is here it’s you know checked by default to show the admin bar but if you uncheck it update your profile and then go to the fun again it’s no longer there alright so that works.

so now let’s go back again I’m gonna go into my user profile and I’m going to show toolbar from viewing site once that’s done I’ll just confirm that it’s done now another way it’s extremely easy it’s using a browser extension and if you look over here to the right here I have this WP admin bar Haider now what this does is I could just toggle on and off the admin bar and it just works I mean it’s seamless it works on the front-end back-end you could just you know to just click it and it’ll do what it’s supposed to very user friendly alright so you can get that if you are know using foam and you go to the extent you go to your settings and then you go to extensions get extensions and the one you’re gonna be looking for is this one right here it’s the WordPress admin bar control you see it’s kind of five stars it’s very popular it’s used by 10,000 torrenting users you know.

it’s very useful for a name easy to use just click it and it does what it’s supposed to so you can just take a look at that and that’s an easy way to deal with the admin bar again this is you know something that you might want to explore using especially if you have a fixed menu bar up here that you know maybe Scrolls down and then stays fixed up there this thing is now using that but I have built things that do and there’s a lot of ways to get around that also I could count for Wisc code again.

but it’s just always easy just a toggle it on and off or use a snippet of code or just go in user profile settings and just disabling alright so that was a very simple way to do it three ways to do it one with code one by using you user profile and the other one by using a browser extension there are other ways you could use CSS to hide it you could you know to create another secondary location for it there are so many ways to do it you know but the more difficult it is the less likely it is for you to use it I just want to show you a few ways and a few options that you have alright so this was a quick code snippet and browser extension that you could use I’m to hide in the WordPress admin bar on the front end of your site hopefully you enjoyed the video if you found it helpful give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe because I’ll give you more tips and tricks on how to manage your wordpress powered website I’ll see you next time take care.

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