How to Remove Unused or Error Files on Computer

How to Remove Unused or Error Files on Computer



How to Remove Unused or Error Files on a Computer

hi, I’m gonna show you a very quick way to clean up unsaved files on your computer and this is something you should do often to keep your computer running at a Nice speed because these files will eventually slow down your computer.

Empty the Recycle Bin

The first thing you have to do Empty the Recycle Bin

Friend when you delete files, photo, or anything on your pc, they automatically stored on recycle bin so when you have time I mean every week you should make empty it.

for empty the recycle bin, go to the desktop now click right button on recycle bin Icon and click on “Empty Recycle Bin”. You will see a pop-up asking your confirmation you want to permanently delete your Recycle Bin items. Click Yes to proceed.


Remove Temporary Files

Go to Settings and select System and then select Storage.

now go to free up space. now wait for a while for completing the scane Prosser. then Check the boxes Temporary Files and DirectX shader cache and also you can check the Delivery optimization files here. and then click the Remove files button.

Turn on storage sense
Uninstall apps and programs

uninstall apps and programs which you are not use  

all you need to do is use Windows tools. we’re gonna use this cleanup to clean up your tool so to get to disk cleanup. all you have to do is go to start. you’re gonna to all programs. you’re gonna go to your accessories and then in accessories

you’re gonna go to system tools once you’re in system tools you can choose disk cleanup now once you’re to disk cleanup selection windows you need to choose which drive you to want to clean up and you want to clean up the normal drive that you use for most of your operating systems and your programs

you don’t want to clean up your recovery file and also recovery drive to avoid that so I’m gonna choose C and here you can see that this cleanup is calculating how many files they can actually clean up and this may take a few moments okay now once it finished calculating

how much time it would take you to clean up these files and calculating how many garbage files you have on your computer. it’s going to bring you to the disk cleanup window. here in this section that says, files to delete you can see downloaded Program Files, temporary Internet files, offline web pages, and recycle bin you can add all these to the things

you want to clean up I’m gonna add a recycle bin to that also and if you look here it tells you in how much information is stored in your recycle bin then once you hit okay you going to be able to delete those files and then you will see the window where

it shows this cleanup cleaning up the files. now that’s a really quick tip to help you keep your files clean.

and you can avoid any other problems like that. if you need any other tips to check out the comments section below or visit thanks, guys

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