How to Reset Your WordPress Website

How to Reset Your WordPress Website


this tutorial and one she had to reset your website two-factor default using a free plug-in called WP reset.

it’s super simple. it’s often faster than installing a new site and we’re getting started right now so your site has a bunch of custom stuff like some posts that you created and also has some plugins installed and has a theme installed if we go to the media library it has a bunch of images.

here and we can reset all these and delete all this stuff and go back to a clean WordPress install by using a simple plug-in called WP reset. and that’s why we’re doing this post.

so let’s go to plugins and then add new let’s keep all these tabs and we’ll refresh these tabs after we’re done to see the change and we’re gonna look up WP reset. and this first one is one we want. it’s got a lot of great reviews a lot of installs click on install now when you’re ready and then activate now we have a new menu option under tools called WP reset I’m going to click on there and here we reset the site something that’s very important here in all caps it says no undo which means there is no undo.

so if you feel you might want to save something from this site make sure you make a backup I’ve linked to the toilet above show you how to use a backup using the free version of updraft plus super plug-in and at least have it back up in some peace of mind and here describes what’s gonna be reset posts comments database tables things like that but will not be reset media files they will be removed from the media library page.

but they’ll still exist in the BP uploads folder we’re not going to touch any files plug-in steams and uploads everything stays the site title the address that address all under settings and in general all the things you see there those will stay the same as they are now and the logged in user which is me right now so I will fill whatever your name is or whatever your name is now we reset to the current password so you can still log in and you might be wondering well why can’t we do Lee plug-in some themes and uploads we can just not with this process.

here we’ll go into the tools after and we’ll reset those or delete those so if we go down here to the very bottom we have some more choices we can reactivate the current theme which is the only thing we have and reactivate the dope you reset plugin which we’ll want to do because we only use the tools tab to delete to the themes and plugins in just a moment and we can reactivate all currently active plugins if you want to I’m going to leave that unchecked then I’m gonna click I’m going to type down here reset because they want to make sure you know what you’re doing and then click reset WordPress and then confirm again that you want to reset WordPress.

they can’t emphasize the importance more there is no undo if you need to back up check out the tutorial I linked to previously click on reset WordPress when you’re ready I’m going to fast forward while this runs and there we are site has been reset but what exactly has been reset let’s take a look let’s refresh the post page all of our posts are gone we’re back to hello world default post we installed WordPress let’s refresh the plugins page the plugins we had there before are deactivated WP reset is activated if we check that box to reactivate the plugins they would have been reactivated as well themes we only have one theme in here.

and it’s saying there is no active theme because we don’t have any other themes installed so there you go but the theme is still here media library let’s reset or refresh this no media files are found however they are still on the server now if we go back into the tools and then WP reset we can now reset or delete the plugins themes media library things like that also delete WordPress transients from the database so click on this to delete transients click on this to clean up the uploads folder which is the images in your media library click on this to reset the theme options click on this to delete themes this one to delete plugins and you can read through there’s a bunch more so I’m going to delete the theme yes I’m sure now if I refresh the themes page here we should have no themes and should just have this error because.

there is no theme here so that’s what’s expected before we delete the plugins let’s delete the uploads folder by clicking here and this will delete all the images that were previously appearing in the media library but are now not appearing there and it cleared 261 files and folders in the uploads folder so those are all gone now if we delete plugins it may delete them if you reset plug-in although it kind of plug and delete itself I don’t know that’s a pretty philosophical question we’ll find out in a second if plugins can delete themselves three plugins have been deleted so let’s see which ones those are probably all the deactive unactive ones the beefy reset is still here which i half-expected now our uploads is clean media libraries clean themes are gone plugins are gone posts are gone pages are gone whatever else we had on the subject we didn’t have any pages but if there were any those would be gone reset the default.

and that is how we use the WP reset plugin to reset our site now there’s some more stuff here there’s a DB snapshots DB short for database this allows you to take a snapshot of your database for backup purposes because you never know when something’s going to go wrong it’s always great to have backups I’ve linked to tutorial up above that explains why backups are so important under collections this is something the developers are still working on but the idea is you can have a collection of themes and plugins here that you can activate and install all of them with this one-click which is a huge time saver if you build a lot of websites under support.

there is of course support options so that’s the WP reset plugin a nutshell there’s a link to it in the description down below it’s free in the WordPress repository so that’s how the WP reset plugin can help you reset your WordPress site back to factory defaults quickly and easily it’s often faster than installing a new site so check that out make sure you click Subscribe and ring the bell so you don’t miss any of my videos and next up is checking out this video up here which explains why you need to backup your site as often as you can as often as you need to and down here is the video that YouTube thinks you should watch and my name is Beorn I’ll pass from WP Learning Lab until next time keep crushing it and I will see you in the next video

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