how to resize the image in photoshop

how to resize the image in photoshop



hey guys welcome back well

today we are doing for the photoshop tutorial and in this post, I’m going to show you how you how to resize ta image by almost 1000% and not really lose that much

okay alright guys well here we go so we’re in the Photoshop CC 2019 and
trust me this is a very easy and quick process.

first of all, now I’ve got this image online by it’s free for commercial reuse.

and it’s not that big if we go to image and image size you can see this is a 426 by 200-pixel photograph

so it’s quite small okay it is 300 dpi that definitely helps but it’s a very small okay right so we’re going to do is we’re going to go up to an image we’re going to go to image size once again what we’re going
to do is we’re going to go into our width here and we change that to the percentage.

okay and once we have that we’re going to go from 100% to let’s say 1000 percent make that 10 times bigger now you can see that’s quite grainy here and when we use the resample method you have either the automatic methods right here but we’re
going to go for a preserve detail enlargement like this and then you have
this slider to increase or not increase
but to decrease the noise you find in
the image

okay I don’t definitely want to go 200 percent let’s go to maybe 60
ish and we’re going to hit OK alright
now if we zoom this out a little bit you
can see that this doesn’t look too bad
now keep in mind that like I said we’re
taking an extremely small picture and
we’re blowing it up quite a bit okay so
what I’ll do is I’ll put these two next
to each other in the original size you
can see the difference and it’s up to
you to you know say whether you find
this in acceptable and
bargeman or not okay so here we go right
guys well this is in the perspective the
way you should look at it on the right
we have the original size 300 200 pixels
and on the left you have it after
enlarge at ten times over okay now of
course if you’re going to go in and zoom
in you know all the way to grain level
you will see everything but I think this
is a very acceptable enlargement and I
think that upscaling method that is
built into Photoshop works quite well so
that’s all there is to it if you have
any questions as always please let me
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future okay thank you guys for watching
see you guys next time bye


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