How to Show Formatting Marks in Microsoft Word 2016 and Prior

How to Show Formatting Marks in Microsoft Word 2016 and Prior

hello everyone my name is David Hensley
this video will cover topics such as
entering text display formatting marks
inserting a blank line and zoom features
within Microsoft Word

2016 let’s go ahead and get started to
enter text all you simply do is click
within the document and you type up the
text which for us it’s going to be
Surf’s Up so from here we’re going to
want to go ahead and display the

formatting marks to do that click on the
Home tab if it’s not already selected
and then click on where it says
show/hide for formatting marks you may
be asking yourself why even need the
formatting marks to be displayed

well formatting marks indicate where in
a document you press the Enter key
spacebar and other non-printing
characters so they’re very helpful
especially when it comes to editing the
document next we’re going to want to
insert a blank line

well this step is very easy all you
simply do is hit the enter key on your
keyboard the last topic is the zoom
features to access them just simply
click on the View tab on the ribbon and
then as you can see from the View tab
you have the zoom category you can zoom
the document in for one page so you can
see the entire page multiple pages or if

you want to you can do the page width so
it takes up the entire screen this
allows for everyone to adjust for their
preferences that’s it for this video the
next video will pick up right where we
left off

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