how to watch youtube video in picture in picture mode

how to watch youtube video in picture in picture mode

hey, guys welcome back to another post and today I’m going to show you how You can watch a PAP YouTube video on any other website in Google Chrome version 70 and above.

so basically as you can see if you are on the trending page of YouTube, just going to click on
any video anything it doesn’t really matter and okay I’ll just go on the first one now all you have to do is you right-click in the video itself two times so you right-click once and then you won’t click again you get two different menus and then you simply
select a picture-in-picture.

and now you will see that my YouTube video has actually displayed in a
picture-in-picture like that now if you go to any other website saying I want to go the browser you’ve been on something or as you can see here I’m on to the Google new text page if I grab the corners I
could make it smaller just to get it up move it out of the way.

and then I can get on browsing your Facebook put it on the side for the time being make me little
bit bigger I could go to anybody I think you get the idea by now I’m not the type of person that’s gonna sit there and make a 10-minute video for the sake of people watching the video.

I’m just telling you straight out PAP is bloody awesome this is finally something that I’ve wanted
for such a long time go ahead and try it all you’re gonna do is just right-click two times in the YouTube video and select picture in feature then you can open up new tabs you can have YouTube on
any other website it’s magnificent thank you google for doing something decent
because I was really depressed with you after that pixel 3x old rubbish thanks for reading guys I’ll talk to you the next one.

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