link YouTube channel to Facebook

link YouTube channel to Facebook

How to link YouTube channel to Facebook, Twitter, Google+


in this video I going to show you how to add your Twitter Facebook and Google+ account to your YouTube channel so firstly open a YouTube channel type here now click on your channel icon and select my channel now click on customize channel now click on this gear icon for settings not ruggle to one position show discussion tab allow your fans to comment on your channel display automatically and click on sell now click on about after that click on this plus icon for links now click on add link title Twitter and give URL for your Twitter account I will go here and make copy go here and paste now click on add again type your Facebook open your Facebook account and copy URL for your Facebook page go here and past here click on add and type in Google Plus open your Google Plus account for tech for advice now open your Google Plus account copy go here and past click on add type here edit open your reddit account copy your channel and pressed website and URL now click on done now select your location and add your email for business inquiries and click on done friends as you can see now our YouTube channel home page has all the popular social media platform like Twitter Facebook reddit and your website and one thing more you should know adding the social media platform to YouTube channel is very useful for high ranking your YouTube channel and videos so friends how is your experience how are you thinking about adding the social media please comment and if you liked this video so please hit like button share and don’t forget to of this channel thanks for watching

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