How to fix the tlauncher minecraft error

11/27/2022 12:00 AM

Many people by now have been using Minecraft. Different people use different launchers for changing the features of the Minecraft video game.

In the language of android, launcher is an interface using which users can launch different apps, customize and adjust the look of the themes and can enjoy different features provided by the launcher. Additionally, launchers are developed for android but we can use them on windows too. We can use launchers on the pc as a front-end interface.

More than 140 million people have amused themselves with the Minecraft video game and many others are still being attracted by it. In Minecraft, you can use any of the launchers out of dozens to customize the look of the game.

Tlauncher is one of the most commonly used Minecraft launchers and in this blog post we will discuss: how we can fix Tlauncher Minecraft errors.

So let’s fix Tlauncher errors.

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Table of Contents


  • An intro to the best Minecraft launcher (Tlauncher):
  • Fix common Tlauncher Minecraft issues
    • How do I fix Tlauncher error occurred java.lang.illegalstateexception?
    • How to fix Tlauncher not opening / not launching issue?
    • Fix Minecraft closed with exit code 1 Tlauncher:
    • How to fix Tlauncher if an error occurred while uploading files?
    • How to fix Tlauncher hypixel authentication error?
  • Conclusion:

An intro to the best Minecraft launcher (Tlauncher):

Tlauncher Minecraft is a launcher to customize the appearance of the themes. There are other launchers too but tlauncher is mostly used launcher.

It supports all versions of the game.

It provides built-in features for unique skin. Tlauncher also provides modpack which provides you with different mods, maps, and resource maps. Let’s move toward our main topic of discussion: how we can fix common issues and errors in Tlauncher.

Fix common Tlauncher Minecraft issues

You can face different issues while using your favorite Minecraft launcher (Tlauncher). We will discuss such common issues and their fixes.

  • java.lang.illegalstateexception
  • Tlauncher, not opening / not launching issue
  • Minecraft closed with exit code 1 Tlauncher
  • Tlauncher an error occurred while uploading files
  • Tlauncher hypixel authentication error

How do I fix Tlauncher error that occurred java.lang.illegalstateexception?

This error is common in applications developed in java. Java.lang.illegalstateexception is a runtime error which occurs due to the wrong method invoked at the wrong time.

This error occurs whenever you enter the game. Let’s solve the issue.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Open “RUN” app in windows
  • Put / type “%appdata%” in the bar in RUN and press ok. It will open some files
  • You have to rename “Minecraft” folder by “1” and press enter
  • Then open Tlauncher
  • It will start setting your Tlauncher. Make sure internet should be connected
  • The game will start. Now put your username, select supported version, and click on install

If you don’t want to try above way then you can fix Tlauncher Minecraft error by following another way below:

  • Open “RUN” app in windows
  • Put / type “%appdata%” in the bar in RUN and press ok. It will open some files
  • Open “Minecraft” folder and delete all files except “saves” folder
  • Now start your game. If it doesn’t work then you can try the above method.

How to fix Tlauncher, not opening / not launching issue?

We will try multiple methods to solve this problem. It is often the case when you face this problem that tlauncher is not launching. To fix:

  • Right-click on “tlauncher” and run it as administrator
  • Again right click on it and open “properties”
  • Click on “compatibility” and untick “run this program in compatibility mod” and apply it

Open tlauncher and see whether it works or not. If it doesn’t work then move to the other way:

  • Right click on tlauncher and select “troubleshoot compatibility”
  • Wait for problem detection. Click on “try recommended settings”
  • Click on “next”
  • Click on “test the program” and then click next
  • Save these settings and close

Now open tlauncher. If it doesn’t open then move to the final step:

  • Open Google and type java download
  • Select and download it
  • Agree the terms and start downloading
  • Open the downloaded file and install it
  • Now open your game and start playing it

Fix Minecraft closed with exit code 1 Tlauncher:

The error code 1 in Tlauncher can be due to Minecraft configuration, a problem with java or a problem in pc itself. This way you can fix Minecraft exit code 0,-1, Tlauncher crash fix or mods crash fix, or resource pack crash fix. Let’s do it:

  • Right click on Tlauncher and open file location
  • Open “game” folder
  • Open “locales” folder
  • Select all files here and delete
  • Open “RUN” from windows search bar
  • Type “%temp%” and press enter
  • Select all files and delete
  • Again open “RUN” and type “misconfig” press ok
  • Enter into service >> system event notification service >> enable all >> press ok
  • Restart your pc and open your game to enjoy it

How to fix Tlauncher an error occurred while uploading files?

You may face this error whenever you update Minecraft to the latest version. The error occurs due to an issue in uploading files. Let's see how we can solve this Minecraft Tlauncher error:

  • First of all force close Minecraft Tlauncher via task manager
  • Connect your pc to the internet
  • Open “RUN” in windows
  • Type “%appdata%” here and press ok
  • Open “.Tlauncher” and delete “cache” folder
  • Go back and open “.Minecraft” folder and delete “web cache” folder
  • Open “old-Tlauncher” here
  • Choose the latest version and click on install
  • Now after installation, you can play your new Minecraft game without any error

How to fix Tlauncher hypixel authentication error?

Whenever you try to join a high pixel server then you see this error occurring on your screen that “failed to connect to the server”. Let’s fix it:

  •  Force close Minecraft from task manager
  • Now open Local Disk C >> Windows >> System32 >> Drivers >> etc
  • Cut “hosts” file from here
  • Open windows “RUN”
  • Execute the command “%appdata%” and press ok
  • Go to “.Minecraft” folder and paste that file here and continue
  • Now open Tlauncher Minecraft and try to connect to the same hypixel server again

You will be connected to it without any problem.


How to Fix Java error in TLauncher Minecraft



This guide will tell you how to fix Java errors in TLauncher Minecraft.


1. First, you will need to right-click on the Tlauncher and open it up.


2. Enter Into Settings by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of Tlauncher window.


3. After that, click on the Change button.




4. After that, choose to Browse to add the file




5. Now Select ‘jre‘ and open it.


6. Then you need to click on the Save button.


7. Finally you need to click on the ‘Enter the Game’ button on Tlauncher.


How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft


Minecraft has grown exponentially since its release more than a decade ago. With 10 years' worth of updates, the game keeps getting better in quality while getting more content every year. However, with a game this big and this full of content, errors and technical issues are bound to creep up. This mostly stands true for players who play on the PC platform.

The reason behind the error code 1 or the "Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1" error could be one of three issues: a problem with Java, an issue with players' Minecraft settings or configuration, or a problem with players' PC.

This article will focus on five ways to solve the "Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1" error.

5 methods to use in Minecraft when fixing “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1”

5) Update Graphics Card Drivers


One of the simplest ways for players to fix not just this error but any error is to check if their graphics card drivers are updated or not. Companies like AMD and Nvidia regularly release driver updates. Playing Minecraft with an outdated graphics driver may result in many errors, one of which can be the "Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1" error.

Players can follow these simple steps to check what version their drivers are on:

  • Navigate to the "Run" dialog box.
  • Type dxdiag in the search box and hit Enter.
  • Navigate to the Display tab. This tab will show players their graphics driver information, including their version.
  • If players need to update, they can use their respective graphics card's software to update or download the update from the company's website.

4) Change the Java Executable Path


Sometimes, the problem can be with the player's version of Java. This problem arises through a single character in Minecraft's path to Java. To edit the java executable path, players should do the following:

  • Open the Minecraft launcher and click on Launch Options.
  • Turn the Java executable toggle on.
  • Players can edit the java executable path from here.
  • If there is an issue with Java, the path will show the Java filename as "javaw.exe". This must be changed to "java.exe".
  • Click on "Save" when the process is complete.

3) Disable Mods


While they spruce up the game a lot, mods are, after all, third-party applications. In many cases, some mods can interfere with the game's files or connections and allow errors like the "Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1" error to show up. Additionally, Mojang regularly releases new updates for Minecraft, which might render some mods incompatible, thus causing problems and errors.

If players want to check whether one of their mods is causing a problem, they can check the game's error logs for an issue.

  • Open the "AppData" folder by typing "%AppData%" in the "Run" dialogue box.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder.
  • Open the "Logs" folder.
  • Open the "latest.txt" file.
  • Check the logs for a problem with any mod.

2) Fix the Minecraft Launcher Path


Believe it or not, a player's windows username can sometimes be the cause of the "Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1" error. When a Windows username has a special character like an asterisk or exclamation mark in it and this error occurs, players can try to fix it.

This must be done by editing the path of the game's launcher to ensure that it doesn't have a special character in it and needs to take place after the game is shut down. The steps for this are given below:

  • Create a shortcut for Minecraft if one is not already there.
  • Right-click on the shortcut and go to Properties.
  • Navigate to the Shortcut tab.
  • In the Target slot, add the following at the end of the path: -workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft
  • Click on "OK"
  • Run the game's launcher and see if it works. If this does not work, players will have to make a new Windows account and ensure that the new one doesn't contain any special characters.

1) Reinstall Java


If all four of the above steps do not work, players must install a fresh copy of Java. This process will help remove any corrupted files and install a brand new version of Java, which should solve almost any error they are facing. Players can uninstall Java from the "Apps & Features" window and then install it again from the Oracle or Java website.






Above we have discussed different Minecraft Tlauncher errors and their fixes. We hope that this article will certainly help you in solving your problems related to Tlauncher in Minecraft.