Protect Your Online Business: Tips and Solutions for Backing Up Your Journey

Protect Your Online Business: Tips and Solutions for Backing Up Your Journey




As online entrepreneurs, we often experience a variety of fears associated with our digital journey. Whether it’s the fear of getting hacked, losing all your money, or losing your online presence due to unexpected circumstances, it’s important to be prepared and take steps to protect your online business.

Here are some common fears of bloggers and webmasters and their solutions:

  1. What if your credit card account gets hacked, and you can’t pay your hosting fee on time, and they discontinue your service? Always pay 3-4 months of hosting fees in advance to give yourself time to think and arrange another credit card in time.
  2. Adsense accounts get cancelled – Always blend different Adsense alternatives in advance in your blog to feel safe.
  3. What if you lose all your money earned and everything goes down? Always save 50% of what you earn to save yourself when you lose it all.
  4. Google goes down and ends – Keep building other channels, such as subscribers, Twitter followers, and other social media presence, as search engines can’t always be relied upon.
  5. Internet ends – Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, here are some specific solutions to common fears:

  1. Your WordPress account gets hacked – Always back up your blog weekly and use WordPress security plugins to protect your account.
  2. Your hosting company becomes bankrupt or crashes overnight – Always back up your WordPress database with WordPress Database Backup Plugin and upload your database to a new hosting account through PHPMyAdmin if needed.
  3. WordPress platform fails – Keep an XML file of your blog from time to time, which can be downloaded from Tools>Export from inside your WordPress control panel. This will allow you to move to a different platform, such as Blogger or Blogspot if needed.

For Blogspot bloggers, consider switching to a custom domain name and migrating your blog to WordPress to avoid the risk of Google shutting down their free Blogger service.

Overall, taking proactive steps to back up your online journey can help ease your fears and ensure that your online business stays protected in the long run.

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