Rename Multiple Files in Windows

Rename Multiple Files in Windows

hey guys this is Eddie the magic monk
today I’m going to show you guys how to
rename multiple files so you can see

here that I have a list of files here
and basically I want to rename all of
them from MTS files to avi files so if I
highlight all of them and I right-click

and I click rename okay it’s not going
to work because it’ll still only let me
rename one file ok so I hope you guys
have done my command prompt tutorials
but basically we’re going to command

prompt so if you’re on Windows 7 click
the star button click run and then type
CMD type here cm type CMD R click OK and

then what we’re going to do is we’re
going to navigate to the folder where
we’re trying to rename all the files now
let’s copy the file path of the folder

so click on the location of the folder
and highlight all the way up to the

first slash press ctrl C and then go
back to command prompt and then we’re
going to firstly go to D Drive so press

D and then press colon and press Enter
so we’re now in D Drive and then you’re

going to type CD slash and then we’re
going to paste the folder that the video
files are in so right click click paste
and actually I made a mistake you only
need once last year and then press Enter

so we’re now in that folder if you press
dir you can see all the files in that
folder they all have a our extension of
mts so what I’m going to do now is type
our e and
which means renamed space star which is
shift eight dot MTS so we’re going to
rename all the files that have an
extension MTS and notice the star here

just means it can be whatever letter
that you want it doesn’t matter it’ll
take everything into account as long as
the extension is MTS and we’re going to
change it to start dot avi okay and if

you press ENTER here okay and if you
press dir again you can see that all the
files have be been renamed to avi files
and it’s also reflected in the Windows
Explorer here okay

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