Sell Photos online and Make Money

Sell Photos online and Make Money

Hello and welcome guys, you are welcome to my Channel today in this video. We learn how to make money by selling photos online first thing you have to do.

Search this website on your favorite browser submit dot shutter after opening this URL. You will see this website page and there are some easy steps to create your photos and submit on this site more than 500 million paid out.

You can join the Global community.

You will get the sum easy-to-use tools.

And you will find freely Global Market plus.

So click on sign up type your full name display name email address and password after that check this box and click on next now, check your email to verify your account after verifying your account.

Click on this Shutterstock contributor now in here enter your residential address and mailing address.

So select your Country House address City ZIP stacked and phone number and after that click on next.

Now you’ve successfully created your account where simple drag and drop your file or just click on this select X Files now select your image, which you want to upload now wait for a while after uploading your image.

Click on next.

Now go in here and click on submit content now add details and submit your work for review check this box.

Now type the description at least three words select from here category if you like so you can select the second category.

It’s optional now enter the keyword at least seven and after that click on submitgreat job on your first submission our expert review team will check over your work and provide feedback in the next few days for the best chance to get your work approved.

We recommended submitting about 10 to 15 items for review back to mode now complete your profile by adding your Social Network provides your payout details and here you will see unpaid earnings.

Learning types and monthly earnings.

Let us downloads so friends. It’s a great side for selling the images online.

I hope you like this video.

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