The 11 Best AdSense Alternatives for Your Website in 2022

The 11 Best AdSense Alternatives for Your Website in 2022



Google AdSense is a popular method for making money online through advertisements on your website or blog, but it is not the only one. There are other Adsense options you should consider.


Whether you haven’t yet set up an AdSense account, are having trouble getting it authorized, or want to diversify your income, there are many different alternative advertising platforms that offer amazing features and allow you to make extra money from your website.


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Table of Contents

  • What exactly is Google Adsense?
  • Why Should I Look for Adsense Alternatives?
  • Alternatives to Google AdSense
  • Alternatives to Youtube Monetization
  • Which Adsense substitute is the best?

What exactly is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a Google advertising program that you may be unfamiliar with. It was founded in 2003 and is now one of the most popular online advertising networks for bloggers and webmasters trying to monetize their blogs.


You’ve most likely seen them all over the internet. They have the following appearance:



Which Website Type Is Best for Adsense?

Google AdSense can be used on any sort of website. However, some are better suited to placing Adsense advertising on them.


Let’s take a short look at the different types of websites that work well with Adsense:


  • Blogs are one of the most common. Ads may be a terrific strategy to monetize your material if you are a blogger that consistently publishes high-quality content to an audience.
  • Forums – Rather than producing blog entries, forums allow individuals to discuss a certain topic while still earning Adsense revenue.
  • Free Online Utility – If you run a website that provides a free tool or service, one way to recoup your costs is through advertising.

The message here is that any website that receives consistent traffic is a good candidate for Adsense.


But what if you don’t want Adsense advertisements on your website?

Why Should I Look for Adsense Alternatives?

For many years, Google Adsense has been one of the most popular ways for bloggers to monetize their websites.

Indeed, with the correct topic, outstanding content, and an interested audience, your site can produce a significant amount of cash. Take a look at this screenshot of AdSense earnings:


However, this does not imply that it is the sole option.


There are numerous options (21 in all) and reasons to choose alternative advertising platforms.


Perhaps you already have an Adsense account and wish to broaden your income sources. Or perhaps you want to keep Adsense advertisements running while adding some new revenue streams.


Perhaps you want to generate more money from your ad space than you are now getting through Adsense.


But where do you begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back:


Alternatives to Google AdSense

Let’s look at several Google AdSense alternatives to learn more about how you can monetize your website or blog:


Amazon Local Shopping Ads


Sovrn /Business (Formerly VigLink)










The SHE Media


MadAds Media Inc.





Let’s take a closer look at these.


1. is a direct competitor to Yahoo and Bing’s AdSense. It is one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks, with household names all over the world using it.


Its contextual advertisements enable you to monetize your content by giving you unique access to Yahoo! Bing network searches. The marketplace connects you with content-driven publishers, allowing you to maximize your ad revenue and capitalize on a massive search market. was the first to create a fully controlled server-side header bidding platform, allowing you to make the most of programmatic display with no effort.


Bing Webmaster Tools: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide is recommended reading.


2. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is a major ad network that provides a variety of advertisements such as banners, sponsored links, and push notifications, as well as the ability to reach 1 billion users.


The self-serve platform is simple to use, with a simplified ad designer that allows you to get your campaigns up and running quickly. You may work reactively to optimize your campaigns with a plethora of targeting options and real-time performance measurements.


It also has automated ad optimization, in which your settings are fine-tuned by AI to give you the highest amount of conversions for each ad without requiring manual intervention.


Bloggers and other website owners have long used Amazon’s affiliate program to generate additional cash, but Amazon Native Shopping Ads provide an additional high-reward approach to monetizing your website.


Amazon Native Shopping Advertisements, like AdSense ads, are contextual, displaying relevant products depending on the page content and keywords. If a user makes a purchase after clicking on the ad, you will receive a commission, regardless of whether the item was clicked on.


Amazon is the most popular eCommerce site in the world, and its conversion rate is significantly higher than that of almost any other eCommerce competitor. You may use this unrivaled traffic and conversion rate to generate passive cash with minimal effort.


4. Adversal


Adversal is a self-service advertising platform that allows you to put up your adverts in a matter of minutes.


Its sophisticated UI lets you start, stop, and pause campaigns, making it simple to use. After you’ve configured everything, you may just leave it to function.



Check out our in-depth guides.


To be eligible for Adversal, your site must have its own domain name, at least 50,000 visits per month, and not be restricted by a login.


5. Sovrn /Business (Formerly VigLink)


Sovrn /Commerce generates money for publishers by leveraging, informing, and automating content-driven commerce.


Sovrn /Commerce allows you to create passive cash from clicks and eventual sales by transforming standard product links into affiliate links.


The monetization features encourage advertisers to compete for your visitors, allowing you to earn the greatest price. In-depth data show you which goods and sponsors generate the most revenue for you, allowing you to enhance your performance. The automation of the process allows you to focus on developing amazing content rather than chasing affiliate money.


Meridian from is another CPM ad network that pays publishers per impression. This means you get paid every time your ad is served, regardless of whether or not it is clicked.


6. Skimlinks


Skimlinks automates the affiliation of your commerce content, allowing you to focus on running your business rather than setting up affiliate links.


This solution may improve all of your commerce efforts, including website, mobile, social media, and email, by automatically updating your commerce content with affiliate links.


By becoming a member of Skimlinks, you gain direct access to a global network of 48,500 merchants and 50 demand partners. Through the VIP and Preferred Partner Program, you may also uncover merchants who provide exceptional commissions to Skimlinks authors.


7. Monumetric


Monumetric, formerly The Blogger Network, is a full-service ad revenue partner that allows you to raise your site’s revenue while maintaining the best user experience for your visitors.


They pay per impression rather than every click, and their pay rates are among the highest for CPM campaigns. Revenue is sometimes claimed to be far larger than AdSense, making this an excellent choice for expanding your passive income.


However, the minimum traffic requirement is 10,000 monthly views, and there is a 99% startup charge for sites with between 10,000 and 80,000 views, so you must be convinced that you can create enough traffic to justify the expense.

8. InfoLinks


Infolinks is a global advertising platform focused on delivering brand messaging to engaged users.


The ads are entirely adjustable and give a unique positioning to boost click-through rate without interfering with the website’s style and feel. By utilizing a clever algorithm to evaluate relevance and intent, they are able to provide relevant adverts at optimal times.


Infolinks offers a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries and may be easily integrated into a website.


9. ylliX


Some people opt for Google AdSense alternatives with higher pay rates, and ylliX meets the bill. It is an advertising network that provides a variety of ad kinds for both desktop and mobile, such as popunder ads, mobile redirection, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads.


It provides rapid account approval, reasonable pricing, detailed reports, daily payouts, and 100% fill rates, as well as precise campaign targeting and a self-service portal that gives you the entire control over your campaigns. To assure quality and maximize conversions, traffic is sourced from verified sources, and publishers pay nothing to use ylliX.


They also have a lucrative referral program, where you may earn up to $100 for each new active publisher or advertiser you bring, as well as 2% of their lifetime earnings or spend.


10. Evadav


Evadav is an advertising network that focuses on push notifications, but they also offer a variety of ad formats such as banners, video sliders, and native ads for both desktop and mobile.


When a user subscribes to your push notification system, they are linked to your account indefinitely, giving you a consistent daily income from their signup. Evadav also features a referral scheme that pays you 5% of the money generated by referred publications, providing you with even more passive income with little effort.


All websites are approved to guarantee that advertisements are brand-safe, resulting in high-quality traffic and trustworthy advertisements.


11. PopCash


PopCash is a worldwide popunder network with 850 million monthly visitors and 50,000 active publishers.


With just a $5 deposit and speedy approval, you can get your campaigns up and running soon. You can constantly improve the performance of your adverts by using detailed information and targeting features. Publishers can start making extra money in minutes by adding the popunder code to the necessary pages and submitting their domain for evaluation.


PopCash can be used in conjunction with AdSense or other advertising choices, allowing you to maximize the revenue potential of your website.


12. PopAds


PopAds, as the name implies, specializes in delivering popunder advertisements, claiming to be the highest-paying advertising network for this form of ad.


Their network includes advertising from over 50 countries, and they provide a referral program for both advertisers and publishers. There are numerous targeting choices available to help you enhance your campaigns, and you have complete control over how much you wish to pay.


It employs a cutting-edge bidding system that allows you to specify how much you wish to spend for each popunder. The lower your bid, the less traffic you will receive. Humans inspect all publisher websites to ensure that they fulfill specific quality standards.


13. RevContent


Through technology and collaborations with some of the world’s top media brands, RevContent assists advertisers in leveraging a highly engaged audience.


It is a Native Ads Network that provides some of the finest quality advertisements and approval processes in the business, ensuring that your traffic is high quality and engaged. The advertising just look like related articles, blending in with your website and causing no interruption to your design while increasing clickthrough rates.


They pay well for clicks, and you can also take advantage of their referral program. Indeed, if you sign up through a referral link, Revcontent will approve you more quickly and pay you more.


14. Adsterra


Adsterra provides excellent advertising choices for both publishers and advertisers, allowing them to experiment with methods other than Google.


It is a rapidly expanding and well-known network that generates over 10 billion impressions every month. Adsterra, one of the world’s largest digital advertising firms, makes it exceedingly simple to monetize your website visitors with its user-friendly platform.


In addition to typical advertisements such as display banners, it also provides novel ad forms such as popunders, pre-roll video, and push notifications for both desktop and mobile.


15. The SHE Media


The SHE Media partner network specializes in monetizing female-targeted blogs and websites.


The SHE Media Partner Network, created by and for women, receives 50+ million unique visitors per month, providing publishers with a large audience. The network aspires to create a community of premium content for women of all ages and stages through flagship websites like and #BlogHer, as well as essential projects like #Femvertising and Voices of the Year.



Check out our in-depth guides.


They offer sponsored posts and paid product reviews in addition to advertising, offering publishers even more possibilities for outstanding content and profit.


16. AdRecover


Adblock has created numerous problems for people who rely on advertising revenue. AdRecover intends to change this by collaborating with Adblock providers to display static, non-intrusive, UX-compliant ads to individuals who use ad blockers.


This means you’ll be able to reach out to highly discerning and difficult-to-reach users who would otherwise be unavailable owing to the use of ad blockers.


For publishers, your daily traffic must include at least 10,000 people who use Adblock in order for you to be accepted. Before your site is approved, you must install AdRecover for around a week so that your traffic may be examined.


17. MadAds Media Inc.


MadAds partners with over 100 ad networks and the internet’s most prominent brand advertisers to provide exceptional fill rates and high-quality traffic.


There are numerous ad campaigns accessible, including CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPL, making it one of the most adaptable Adsense alternatives. You can also collaborate with optimization specialists to ensure that your ad positioning and placement generate the most money feasible.


To be selected, you must have at least 10,000 daily visitors and your site must be family-friendly and well-designed.


18. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network that helps advertisers and publishers discover the ideal match.


Bidvertiser helps you get the most out of your adverts by utilizing pre-screened traffic sources that are designed to generate conversions. All traffic is fully categorized, allowing you to control and improve your ad targeting.


It also has a referral scheme that compensates for both advertiser and publisher referrals, ensuring that your ad network continues to generate passive cash.


19. Adbuff


This advertising network pays you on a CPC or CPM basis, so visitors do not need to click on an advertisement for you to be paid. Once the CPM advertisement is served, you will be paid simply for having them view it.


Adbuff is an excellent alternative to AdSense which offers competitive payment rates. Publishers receive 90% of ad revenue, making this one of the finest online ad revenue payments. All advertisements are appropriate for family audiences, so you can be assured of brand-safe advertisements on your site.


Adbuff accepts only English-language sites with traffic mostly from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. You must also have at least 2,000 monthly visitors to your site in order to be accepted. Only national marketers with budgets of $1,000 or more per month are accepted.


20. BuySellAds


BuySellAds is a platform that helps you sell advertising space on your website. While you have control over the price of your ad space, it’s critical to avoid pricing yourself out of the market.


BuySellAds uses advertising channels like display, native performance, sponsored content, and emails to provide respectful, brand-safe placements rather than obtrusive or disruptive adverts. You get the most out of every impression by distributing advertising to their network of highly qualified audiences.


When you submit your site for approval, it is quality checked. Only high-quality English-language sites with at least 100,000 monthly pageviews are accepted.


21. AdClickMedia


AdClickMedia is a digital advertising firm that provides CPM and PPC advertising solutions to advertisers and website owners all over the world.


It has over 6,200 publishers, 113 email list partners, and 110 million monthly views, allowing you to reach a large audience. They also provide subscription advertising, which allows you to display your adverts on thousands of important blogs and sites for as little as $49 per month.


There are no minimum traffic criteria, making it an excellent way for newer or less visited sites to enhance their revenue.



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