Video Effects | Add Special Effects to Videos with fxGuru

Video Effects | Add Special Effects to Videos with fxGuru

Video Effects | Add Special Effects to Videos with fxGuru

hello a video on how do you fix guru you
uh you download effects guru you
download this app you click this one you
download that you click start and well
here are my effects the lightning strike
the sand giant mech attack so there are

these effects and I already have a SAN
giant and a lightning strike you might
have seen one of my other videos that I
did that know if you want to do

something else you can let’s say you
want to do a t-rex t-rex is uh if I
click download its the download button
shows up and but it cost money so you
don’t want to do that but under it it
says free with offers you click that it
loads a bit it’s pretty slow but works
sometimes I’ll be back oh nevermind and
then it shows you these uh these apps so
keep going down until you find an app
that you want to download my advice is

to download the oh wait what my advice
is to download the app that that uses
less memory because I have horrible
memory so just download the app that has
the least amount of memory try
downloading see do photo editor Pro
choose their source
wait for it
it will eventually go to the Play Store

let me pause the video oh wait I can’t
all right you know eventually just I
think it’s beginning to download wait a
minute let’s use Chrome that’s kind of
embarrassing but let’s just try it said

that the download started so let’s keep
it says it’s downloading I just want to
see it downloading come on okay I think
it’s downloading let me hit to the Play
wait okay does it say alright maybe that
won’t work maybe if I do something
different for the t-rex let’s just yeah

let’s just download a flashlight cuz I
mean I’m gonna delete it anyway oh yeah
I also delete it right away otherwise
you know too much memory will be stuck
on your phone so delete it right away
after you make the video and upload it

to any source you you know upload it to
don’t do it right away because it might
stop and you’re gonna have to do that
all over again so just accept it and I
really don’t go into it I really don’t
use it I just download it for the free

effect and then I delete it so let’s
wait for it
okay so this might take a few minutes to
get your free effect because it’s pretty
slow and eventually you’ll get a text to
go to effects guru so I’m just gonna
open it right now
it’s just open it for a second okay so

now that you opened it might be working
so that there you see it it’s right
there now as you can see it takes a
while I’m texting and doing this at the
same time
um so keep doing it should come
eventually I’m just gonna wait for it to
the finish

I might in the video here okay so now
that you’re free effect has been
downloaded it might take like 10 or 20
minutes at the least but hey it’s free
it’s better than nothing so now I can
now make a dinosaur appear anywhere but
it’ll be unproductive to do it in my
house or maybe I’ll shoot it from
outside from inside to my backyard
so let me I’m walking while doing this

so head out okay so that’s the window of
my backyard this is how you do it so all
you have to do is oh sorry about that so
now all you have to do is click start
and it’ll start downloading for you and
I’m gonna be making this video at the

same place where I did the other videos
like electrodes thing electrons rage and
Sandman so what it’s done you click
start and now you have basically a place
to put your dinosaur so put it there and
now I’m gonna have to hold this try and
hold it
I don’t think it works for me right now

because uh it’s pretty dark out and
cannot capture things in the dark I
recommend doing it in the day so I’m
gonna try again
as you can see it can’t work for me but
that’s basically how you do it and then
after those seconds are over you upload
it to any source don’t put it on you
know don’t put it on text I mean you

could don’t like you can put on whatsapp
or whatever but I would do it on YouTube
just so more people can see it but you
can also put out whatsapp because I want
to see what my my family can do with it
so yeah that’s basically how you use a
effects guru I’ll see you guys later bye

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